Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Barack 'n Roll

I love this picture.

Barack Obama. Everyone has their own opinion of him. Some people think he's too religious, some think he "doesn't appeal to the African American community", some people don't like him because he doesn't support gay marriage, some people are in love with him. I of course, am one of those people. Barack Obama is going to save the US from eternal destruction.

I read a magazine article in OCTOBER 2005 about this senator from Illinois, and after I read the article I couldn't even remember the guy's name, but I definitely remembered what he stood for, and it was something I liked. A few months later, around Christmas, I read another article on him, this time I remembered his name and began researching him. He was amazing. Then, by chance, when I was in Burlington, Vermont visiting Rachel and Meaghan, I saw a poster that he was supposed to speak THE ONE DAY that I was on their campus. Rachel and Meag had class, so I walked around by myself and found where Barack was speaking. The line was so long, and they were only accepting so many people. I didn’t make it in – and before he went in, Obama stood outside and gave an impromptu speech, and apologized that not everyone could fit. After he went inside, a few kids next to me ran to the side of the building but the windows were so high that you couldn’t see inside, and barely hear. The dining hall was right next door, so we ran over and stole chairs out of the cafeteria, and stood on them to listen to Obama speak. Every single window of that building was crammed with people, apparently the media present found it interesting, because they photographed the windows full of faces, trying to hear. I listened to the whole speech while standing on a chair outside in freezing weather in my Birkenstocks. When he finished, people streamed out the side door, and I slipped inside. Barack was gone from the stage, but I followed these two high school students who were adamant about shaking his hand. We rounded a corner, took an elevator down, and when we stepped out, there he was! Right in front of us.. and we just walked up to him, shook his hand and told him that we support him and wanted him to run for president. He kind of smiled, I wish I had thought to take a picture with him, but I was so excited and like, blinded by his BEAUTIFUL teeth haha.

After that, last summer I read his book – and then for Christmas my mom got me his other book. I’ve been in love with the man ever since. Everything about him – his ideas on how the country should be run, what he thinks America needs, his family, his past, the way he can write, his morals and values. He really truly is what America needs, I can feel it in my heart. He is so sincere.

Em pointed out to me a while ago that Obama did not support gay marriage. That people were looking to Hillary for the gay marriage bill. However, I’ve done A LOT of research. Neither Clinton or Obama technically support gay marriage. They both support civil unions, and they both think that gay couples should have ALL of the rights that heterosexual couples have. They just don’t support the institution of actual “gay marriage”. Clinton comes off as supporting "gay marriage" but she just keeps saying "how do you define 'marriage'?" (Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood my research.)

So, in short – in Em’s words - beggars can’t be choosers. Neither of my two favorite democrats support gay marriage, however they do believe in equal rights for gays. Having a woman president would be great – but you can’t vote for someone just because of their sex. Barack Obama speaks to me, through everything that he does, says, writes, etc. I will vote for him in the primaries, no doubt, and HOPEFULLY vote for him in the general election!!

Obama will be in Philly on May 22nd at the Electric Factory, 4pm. Em and I will be there, tickets are still available, and half price if you’re a student. If you want to check it out, let me know..it’s going to be revolutionary.



Anonymous said...

shit! i'm going to miss it by like two days :(

but on a happier note, i started a new blog...here! I started it because i feel the need to keep people updated on my life, but it will definitely serve a great purpose for my cali trip. SO, that being said, read it!


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Emmers said...

I'm sorry you dont like my comments. I am not sure why you are so mad that I dont actually leave comments because I can just talk to you about what ever you wrote. I love you and I cant wait to get on the road and go back up NORTH!!

Emmers said...

um update SLACKER!