Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've Seen Better Days

Warmer times. Fish, Chips, & Kim

I chose this picture because it was taken after our game vs. ECU last September. It was so warm, and we got so sunburned during the game, but I'd do anything to be sunburned again! The cold is starting to make me sad, as it does every year. Such a weird phenomenon.

Well, the past couple of days have been a little rough. I'm not going to lie- I'm "insanely happy", but my life is not all sunshine and roses all day EVERY day. (although it's usually just fine). I'm just frustrated because sometimes I don't realize that I do things that upset people until it's too late. But, things are fine now, better than before actually.

My mom called me yesterday. Her identity was stolen, and her accounts were drained ... it's so frustrating for me to hear things like that because our family lives paycheck to paycheck. We don't have some awesome savings account that just provides us with money whenever we want- whatever was in my mom's accounts is all the money that she has to her name, and it's all gone. Our bank has fraud insurance, so all of her money will be returned eventually, we're just not sure how long it will take. And with it being the end of the month, my rent, her rent, and all of her bills are due tomorrow... She has to pay for Kelsey's lunches and her own lunch at work... it's just the little things. She was so sad on the phone, it was the saddest thing...she was angry, yeah, and frustrated...but all I really noticed was just how sad she sounded.

I need to start looking for another job. Maybe babysitting for another family along with the Bolyards- I just need to be making more money. I guaranteed Karen that I'd be able to babysit Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30 every single week until school ends (with the exception of spring break) and so I can't back out on her like that. So I need to find a job that would let me work Mondays, Fridays, and maybe Weds mornings. I kind of like having my Weds mornings to do things like laundry and homework though, so maybe just M&F.

We play Duke this Saturday at home. ECU and Guilford play directly afterwards, on our field - so we may be having a joint social at our house, with FOUR TEAMS -- it'll be interesting. But the game is what I'm really looking forward to- we usually have a pretty good match up with Duke, and the only time we've lost to them recently is the time last year they screwed us over and wouldn't let Tara play. Either way - the score is usually pretty close. If you're in Greensboro, come watch!! Saturday @ 11am at the Rec Field.

Time to start a load of laundry.
Love everywhere,

Friday, January 26, 2007

In White Houses...


Tomorrow is our season opener against East Carolina University. It should be an interesting game.. we have a lot of rookies, but I'm pretty confident that they at least know what's up with the game...we've given them the best rookie primer that we can in the past week. Hopefully, no one gets too nervous. If we just stick it out, we have a chance :)

Can I just take one moment to say that Em is playing Super Nintendo right now, and I'm watching her and she looks just like a 7 year old, her eyes are all wide, her body is jumping around even though her fingers are the only thing that need to be moving, and she's singing the tune of the song that plays with the nintendo ... cute :)

And now we're off to Suzi and Elliotts house, so that Sydney can play with Mattie and Fenway and so that Suzi can go over some important scrumhalf things with me before tomorrow. I'm excited, no one has ever really sat me down and explained anything to me on paper (or drawings) before. I'm pumped :D

Peace & Love

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm getting really really excited for Spring Break. It's only about 5 weeks away... Em and I are going to Florida. Jupiter and Miami... I'm so excited, I just want to start packing now!! Right now, the plan is to drive down to Jupiter, where Em's aunt and uncle have a house. Stay there a few nights, and then drive to Miami and stay at a hotel (maybe in South Beach? I was talking to my mom about it, Miami Beach is much more expensive. If anyone knows anything about FL, let me know!!) I'm so excited that I can't contain myself...I've never been on a REAL vacation before!!! All I've ever wanted is pretty sand and pretty water...and bathing suits and just relaxing :D I just want to skip over the month of Feb. haha.

I was sifting through some pictures and found these- they're some favorites :)

Two of my favorite people in North Carolina

My favorite next door neighbor =)

Two of my most favorite boys in Delaware
and in the whole world.

My favorite picture of my favorite puppy.

This Saturday we have a game against East Carolina University, over near the coast. Kristy might come watch, which would be sweet because I haven't seen her since PACAA and she hasn't met Sydney yet. I'm happy to be playing again, but even just one week after practice, my body is already feeling the consequences! Yesterday we tackled and my whole body just aches everywhere...and my knee is hurting a little, but not too bad. I'm excited to see how the season will be turn out. We have a lot of new girls, but they seem really athletic and fun. It'll be a fun season at least, we have the Serendipity Match to look forward to! Where else can you dress up in 80's prom dresses and run around tackling other girls dressed up in 80's prom dresses? Priceless.

Well, since I don't have class today and Em does, it's my job to do the laundry. I really don't mind it, it's just that my body hurts even more after walking up and down the stairs, transferring loads, and carrying them back up. Yeah, I'm a wuss...that's okay :)

Peace and Love Everywhere,

Saturday, January 20, 2007

We Are the U - N - C - G Women's Rugby Team..

Our beautiful beer pong/flip cup table.

This table was hand crafted by Kim, Kyla, Me, and Em for Alumni Weekend... we sanded it, painted it, and I made a stencil from a poster board and we stenciled our team's logo on it. This picture is from last night - we had our first social of the spring season. It was fun...but I think all of the old players agreed that it was kind of weird. I love all of the girls on the team... but parties don't feel like the way that they used to. There used to be a lot more people who had been playing for a few years, I feel like our team is so new. And it's fun...but I really do miss the older players, especially at parties. Patty, Suzi, Shana, Tara, Leslie, Parker... I really miss those girls being around- especially when it comes to things like singing our song, playing flip cup (north vs. south!) and other things that just seemed more fun back then. I'm trying my best to accept the fact that we're just going to have to MAKE this season and all of the seasons ahead fun - but it's just weird. I want to go back in time when Gaby and Carolina were here...and when members of the guys team actually wanted to stop by our parties. It's kind of sad...

On a brighter note- Sydney experienced her first snow last Thursday!! Our pictures aren't very cute, because we were on our way out the door to go to class (actually, we were on our way to the bookstore, and that's when the aforementioned bookstore situation happened..) and so we were kind of in a hurry and didn't really have time to make Syd sit and look cute haha.

Sydney's First Snow - Jan. 07

Sydney's been having some trouble lately - she's usually really passive, and just sleeps while Em and I are gone, so we started leaving her out of her crate for short periods of time while we're out of Em's apartment...but the past two or three times, she's wreaked havoc - ripping up boxes of trash, eating about 8 juice boxes (my fault for leaving them so low to the ground though..). I can't figure out what the problem is...the best guess we have is that she's bored, so I'll make a better attempt to keep her busy during the day. It's just weird, she never used to do that. Any ideas?

Time to work on some homework. No classes tomorrow, but I'd rather have the day to do what I want to do :)
Love everywhere,

Thursday, January 18, 2007


The UNCG Bookstore


I was so angry when I left the bookstore this morning that I saw stars in pretty colors when I closed my eyes. Ok, here's the deal...try to follow this, it's not too complicated.

One of the books on my list to buy was a book called Born to Speak (for my Child Language Development class). They didn't have any on the shelf when I went to the bookstore, so I filled out a slip for them to order one. I paid however much (like $115) for a brand new book, since they were going to have to order it. On Sunday, I was at the Bark Park and got a call from the bookstore that my book had come in. They told me that it was a used copy, and so I would be refunded the difference (since I paid for a brand new copy). So I go in this morning to pick up my book, and the girl goes, "Oh can I see your original receipt" ...

Why would I have the original receipt? I bought my books TWO WEEKS AGO. I had the receipt, and then when I decided that I was definitely keeping all of my classes, I threw it out. I wasn't planning on returning any of my books, and so why would I need it?

I asked to speak to the manager when the girl refused to give me my refund. I talked to two of the three managers, and BOTH of them acted like I was absolutely ridiculous for not keeping my receipt! I want to know why I need it... I mean, the little slip of paper that I filled out to get that book has my name, my phone number, it has "PAID IN FULL" written on it, and it says exactly which book I purchased.

This makes me absolutely furious. If they're not going to refund my damn money than they could ATLEAST give me what I paid for- a new copy of the book. Atleast then I could resell it for more. I went back out to the car where Em was waiting, and she was so mad that she called the head manager, and left him a message to please call her back and let her know when she can stop by and talk to him about a problem with a book. (That was at 8:30's now 5pm and he hasn't called...)

RIDICULOUS! Could this situation be any more frustrating? My refund would be for around $50 ... and while that may not sound like a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things, when you have rent to pay, bills to pay, dues for rugby to pay,'s definitely a lot.

The UNCG Bookstore and Chancellor Sullivan will both be receiving very detailed letters from me VERY soon.

Still angry, but LOVE

ps. Maybe later tonight I will post picture of Sydney's first snow!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Want Candy..Hey, Hey, HEY!

Me, Suzi, Gaby, and Kim. Fall '05 Rugby Banquet

Last night was the first night of practice for the spring season. I think it went pretty well...plenty of new girls, everyone seems pretty pumped. Hopefully most of our returning players will actually return. I posted with this picture today because I was thinking about our amazing Mexican friend, Gaby Rojas. Last night Suzi pointed out that one of the new players looked a lot like Gaby, and I think she was right. I talk to Gaby every once in awhile, but she's finishing up her degree in Monterrey, and is pretty busy. I talked to her on Christmas though! I miss her, and I can't wait for her to visit again. She (and Carolina, our other Mexican) made the semester seem SO MUCH FUN, and we were all really disappointed to see them go.

I know it's been a few days, but it's been so busy. Yesterday was Em's birthday, we got up and went to classes, ran around and did errands and then I went to the first Relay for Life meeting (more on that later...) Then we had practice - we were planning on going out after practice, but we decided to postpone, since everyone was pretty worn out. I got Em tickets to 'A Night With David Sedaris' when he comes to the Greensboro Coliseum ... I am so glad I thought to get her those because her reaction was THE BEST reaction I have ever had to a gift in my entire life (except, perhaps, Maria's reaction when she found out that I was her Secret Santa in the '04 gift exchange...) But that's not until April, so we've got some time.

I wish I could write more about what's been going on, but I can't - I need to go buy a space heater (we still haven't turned on the heat in our house...yes, we live in NC but it feels like Alaska!) and then I'm off to babysit tonight. I'll try to post again tonight.

Love everywhere,

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I do miss leaders right now, however - I am enjoying my year off. I definitely think that I'll be back...and I plan on finding my way to the Spring Rally if I can, even if just for the day on Saturday. I miss the leaders, and I miss my staff friends, but mostly I miss that belonging feeling. I know it will be different for all of us, since we won't be on Jr. Staff anymore, which is by far the most elite position one could hold in leaders. But I think it will still be good to be a part of something so amazing. It's been a long process...beginning the day we received our applications to try out for Jr. Staff and ending the day that we signed ourselves out of the book. Good things have happened, awful things have happened, but the 8 of us who are now PROS... won't ever forget those two years :)

Love everywhere,

Monday, January 8, 2007

The moment you decide to let love in.

Coulby and Emma, ages 4 and 2 1/2.

Winter break is finally over!! It was long, but it was fun- New Years Eve was a blast, we had a party at my house. I got to see Em a lot more than I thought I would, and I got to meet her friend Vivian, which I was really excited about. And I got to hang out with her best friend Lindsey, who always seems so much older to me. But she's so nice, and even though I'm 4 years younger than Em, I think she is happy for Em. On New Years Day I left to spend the week at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland with my cousin Sherri and her family. She has three kids - Coulby, Emma, and baby Jack, who's only 4 months old. I'm back in Greensboro now, organizing and cleaning and getting ready for my classes that begin tomorrow. I have a really sweet schedule this semester, I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm in class from 9:30 until 3:15, with 15 minutes in between each class. It means I'm going to have to pack a lunch for those days, but it also means that I don't have classes MWF!! I'm babysitting every Weds from 3:30-6:30, and that's all I know about that so far. Maybe I'll get another babysitting job, just on Mondays or Wednesday mornings or something. I was also thinking about maybe finding a place to volunteer on Mondays or Fridays...I was thinking like at the hospital or something. Something with kids :)

Basically, I'm insanely happy. Today Em and I made a big list of everything we want to accomplish this semester. Including resolving all of the issues with our rugby team (there are A LOT right now.) Also we're going to try to take Sydney to the bark park every Friday, since neither of us have classes. I was driving home from campus today when I bought my books, and I realized that I am so happy that I could feel it in my bones. I feel like I belong, and I feel loved, and I feel like I am getting something done in my life. It's a good thing.

I'll write about classes tomorrow night.
Love everywhere,