Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Want Candy..Hey, Hey, HEY!

Me, Suzi, Gaby, and Kim. Fall '05 Rugby Banquet

Last night was the first night of practice for the spring season. I think it went pretty well...plenty of new girls, everyone seems pretty pumped. Hopefully most of our returning players will actually return. I posted with this picture today because I was thinking about our amazing Mexican friend, Gaby Rojas. Last night Suzi pointed out that one of the new players looked a lot like Gaby, and I think she was right. I talk to Gaby every once in awhile, but she's finishing up her degree in Monterrey, and is pretty busy. I talked to her on Christmas though! I miss her, and I can't wait for her to visit again. She (and Carolina, our other Mexican) made the semester seem SO MUCH FUN, and we were all really disappointed to see them go.

I know it's been a few days, but it's been so busy. Yesterday was Em's birthday, we got up and went to classes, ran around and did errands and then I went to the first Relay for Life meeting (more on that later...) Then we had practice - we were planning on going out after practice, but we decided to postpone, since everyone was pretty worn out. I got Em tickets to 'A Night With David Sedaris' when he comes to the Greensboro Coliseum ... I am so glad I thought to get her those because her reaction was THE BEST reaction I have ever had to a gift in my entire life (except, perhaps, Maria's reaction when she found out that I was her Secret Santa in the '04 gift exchange...) But that's not until April, so we've got some time.

I wish I could write more about what's been going on, but I can't - I need to go buy a space heater (we still haven't turned on the heat in our house...yes, we live in NC but it feels like Alaska!) and then I'm off to babysit tonight. I'll try to post again tonight.

Love everywhere,


Anonymous said...

ahhh im so jealous that em got david sedaris tix! he's coming to NYC at the end of march but ill still be up here unfortunately :( thats an awesome gift...he is a funny funny man. have you read his books?


Anonymous said...

HAHA! i'm glad my reaction makes top two.


Anonymous said...

also love sedaris! my mom got tickets to see him but wouldn't bring me!


p.s. amy sedaris > david sedaris