Saturday, January 20, 2007

We Are the U - N - C - G Women's Rugby Team..

Our beautiful beer pong/flip cup table.

This table was hand crafted by Kim, Kyla, Me, and Em for Alumni Weekend... we sanded it, painted it, and I made a stencil from a poster board and we stenciled our team's logo on it. This picture is from last night - we had our first social of the spring season. It was fun...but I think all of the old players agreed that it was kind of weird. I love all of the girls on the team... but parties don't feel like the way that they used to. There used to be a lot more people who had been playing for a few years, I feel like our team is so new. And it's fun...but I really do miss the older players, especially at parties. Patty, Suzi, Shana, Tara, Leslie, Parker... I really miss those girls being around- especially when it comes to things like singing our song, playing flip cup (north vs. south!) and other things that just seemed more fun back then. I'm trying my best to accept the fact that we're just going to have to MAKE this season and all of the seasons ahead fun - but it's just weird. I want to go back in time when Gaby and Carolina were here...and when members of the guys team actually wanted to stop by our parties. It's kind of sad...

On a brighter note- Sydney experienced her first snow last Thursday!! Our pictures aren't very cute, because we were on our way out the door to go to class (actually, we were on our way to the bookstore, and that's when the aforementioned bookstore situation happened..) and so we were kind of in a hurry and didn't really have time to make Syd sit and look cute haha.

Sydney's First Snow - Jan. 07

Sydney's been having some trouble lately - she's usually really passive, and just sleeps while Em and I are gone, so we started leaving her out of her crate for short periods of time while we're out of Em's apartment...but the past two or three times, she's wreaked havoc - ripping up boxes of trash, eating about 8 juice boxes (my fault for leaving them so low to the ground though..). I can't figure out what the problem is...the best guess we have is that she's bored, so I'll make a better attempt to keep her busy during the day. It's just weird, she never used to do that. Any ideas?

Time to work on some homework. No classes tomorrow, but I'd rather have the day to do what I want to do :)
Love everywhere,

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