Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I do miss leaders right now, however - I am enjoying my year off. I definitely think that I'll be back...and I plan on finding my way to the Spring Rally if I can, even if just for the day on Saturday. I miss the leaders, and I miss my staff friends, but mostly I miss that belonging feeling. I know it will be different for all of us, since we won't be on Jr. Staff anymore, which is by far the most elite position one could hold in leaders. But I think it will still be good to be a part of something so amazing. It's been a long process...beginning the day we received our applications to try out for Jr. Staff and ending the day that we signed ourselves out of the book. Good things have happened, awful things have happened, but the 8 of us who are now PROS... won't ever forget those two years :)

Love everywhere,

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Anonymous said...

ditto times a bagillion. no worries, soon enough we will be hanging and banging as staff associates, core four will reunite like never before, people will want to BE us, and they can't kick us out! loophole bitches!


p.s. that reminds me, you still have my PACAA pics. if you find yourself with some free time, could you load them onto snapfish for me?