Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deep down in our hearts

This was one of the first times Em and I ever
hung out - a few of us went to Wilmington, NC
and saw a rugby game and then went to the
beach to hang out.

Camp is good... stressful, but good. I'm doing so much better than I have, there are days that are a little rougher, but for the most part, I have great friends and the kids are fantastic. This week my program is "Wet N Wild" which means during program time we do LOTS of water activities! Funyaking, water aerobics (its hilarious to watch), synchronized swimming, water games, sandcastles, etc. I love it, I love spending the morning at the waterfront because its always very nice there.

I can't write for long... for those of you who have sent me mail: THANK YOU SO MUCH! The highlight of my day is running to Sky Top and checking the staff mailbox. When I get mail, it makes my WEEK. To anyone who has sent me anything: Thank you!!

Recently Katie Krize recieved some bad news, so please keep her in your thoughts as her treatment plan will undergo some changes. Katie sent Em and I a letter at camp, it was sooo cute. We're going to send her a H**ver tshirt or something of the sort.

Much love everywhere,
Kristen =)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ego sum paper, Nihil habeo. Cor meum dabo.

Me, Beaker, and Crumbs at staff night out - bowling!

Mac, me, and Crumbs

Brisca, Loki, Crumbs and Me

I've been in a whole other universe for the past two weeks, without much contact with the real world. I've barely used my phone, and for the first time since I was 16, I can't tell you if it is charged or even on right now. I barely look at it. I've been at pre-pre camp, and then pre-camp, and tomorrow marks DAY ONE of actual camp- tomorrow the girls get there. I am nervous and really really excited. There is sooo much I could write about, but it's way too much and I don't know what would be boring and what wouldn't be!

The title to this blog is a song that we sing at camp. It's latin, there's three lines. They translate to:
Ego sum pauper= I am poor
Nihil habeo= I have nothing
Cor meum dabo= I will give my heart.
It's the prettiest song I have ever heard... it's sung in a round, it's amazingly beautiful. I want you all to hear it, I wish I could upload a file of all of the staff singing it... it makes my heart want to explode :)

I found out my unit placement - I'm staying in Birch Hollow this week, and my program is Outdoor Odyssey. I have 8-11 year olds, and basically we just do lots of OUTDOOR things!! I'm really excited - the first day we learn things about hiking, and the second day we go hike Mount Taminy (part of the appalachain trail). The third day we learn about canoeing, and the fourth day we canoe down the Delaware! I am sooo excited about who is running the program with me - two other girls, one is from Germany, the other is a Junior Counselor who's been at H**ver for a long time, so she knows lots :) I am in a leadership position on staff, so I am kind of in charge of my program/unit. Basically, for all you leaders out there - I'm on the "JStaff" of H**ver, only at camp , there's no Senior Staff, just a director and assistant directors. So there's the Leadership Staff, and then the director/ADs.

I haven't had any problems...some small problems adjusting and getting used to being around Em and not being able to talk to her how I normally do, but I am getting used to sleeping in a single bed again, all alone cocooned inside a sleeping bag, haha.

We barely get time off - well, actually we get a lot of time off, I'm not complaining- but if you think about it, I work around the clock 5 nights a week! Each week, every single counselor gets a "6-9" (Off from 6pm to 9am the next morning) and every single day you get 2 hours off. All of this is planned on Sunday night, so you know when your time off is. And then we have off every week from Sat. at 12 til Sun at 12 (or thereabouts).

There is so much more.. but it's hard to think of what to say! PLEASE SEND ME MAIL! I will love you forever, even if it's something silly and small... I get lonely sometimes, and everyone else gets so much mail !! I posted my address in my last post... I will love you forever until the end of time if you send me something, and I promise I will write back!! Also - I don't have anyone's addresses- so Maria, Laura, and anyone else who wants mail this summer, let me know what your address is!!!

I should probably go - I'm at Em's house for the day, and we're going to cook a real dinner tonight (thank god) because we've been eating basically cafeteria food for two weeks. (It's actually much better than cafeteria food..but you know how food bought in bulk's just...different.)

I miss and love you all,
write me mail, plleeeeeaaaasee!!!
Love Everywhere,