Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've been meaning to write about my new job at the YMCA for a few days now. Last week I trained and filled out all of my paperwork. Yesterday was my first official day, and I absolutely loved it. The kids were awesome, bright and fun, my coworkers are really cool, and I was actually given a bunch of extra responsibilities so that I could be making even more money. I finally was starting to feel like things were going to stabilize... no more laying at home during the day, feeling inadequate and ashamed and ignoring phone calls from friends. I left my first day of work yesterday feeling on top of the world.

SO, when I went into work today and was sat down and told that my position was eliminated at a budget meeting earlier in the morning, I left 5 minutes later feeling a little more than devastated.

It's back to the drawing board. Back to Craigslist and Idealist and all of those other websites that I gleefully deleted off of my bookmarks bar just last week.

I feel like a little kid who was given a brand new toy and then immediately had it taken away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Driving in Boston A.K.A. Co-Mingling with Mad Men.

The people in Boston are great. Everyone is friendly (for the most part), lots of dog lovers and liberal-types. However, some sort of transformation happens to these people. And it happens when they unlock their cars and take a seat behind the wheel. It's as if the minute they click their seatbelt, they morph into some other type of being. From behind their Dunkin Donuts coffee cups, they turn into ruthless, honking, impatient 2 year olds, quick to throw a trantrum when they don't get their right-of-way. Therefore, I present to you:

Things I have learned since moving to Boston, in regards to driving.

1. Avoid it at all costs.
2. When you're at a red light, the car across the intersection going the opposite way will ALWAYS bang a left when the light changes to green, so when it does change, pause before you hit the gas.
3. This will undoubtedly cause the driver behind you to begin honking at you for not immediately flooring it.
4. Everyone honks at EVERYTHING. Don't get too offended.
5. People tend to just slow down when they're in the right lane. You see their brake lights, slow down behind them and wonder, "Are they breaking down?" "Are they lost?" "Are they about to pull into that parking spot?" No... usually, they are making a right hand turn without signaling.
6. Everybody in Boston must have a broken turn signal.
7. These rules also apply to bus drivers, minus number 5.
8. On average, you will get cut off about once every 60 seconds. Get used to it, and expect it.
9. It takes double the amount of time to get anywhere. Triple if it's 8am or 5-6pm.
10. You will be horribly judged for having out of state plates. Even if your driving skills are superb.
11. Don't park ANYWHERE the sign says you're not allowed to. Even for 10 minutes. The parking police are either on crack or aliens... how are they so fast?!
12. A two-lane road will never actually look like it's two lanes, as there are NEVER any lines to divide them. So, assume that all roads are two lanes, since everyone else does.
13. Traffic circles are alive and well... don't wait too long to enter them, just shove your way in, before the driver behind you gets antsy. See #3 and #4.
14. Always check the Red Sox schedule before driving anywhere near Fenway Park or its surrounding neighborhoods.
15. Keep xanax on hand, have good car insurance, and say a prayer before you pull out of the driveway!!