Tuesday, January 13, 2009

101 Facts About Me.

1. I love surprises. It's really rare that I get surprised with something, so that makes it even more special.

2. I have never left North America.

3. I enjoying skiing, but I have absolutely no desire to learn how to snowboard.

4. There is a freckle below my belly button that I have always liked.

5. Right now (Jan 2009) I have the highest GPA I've ever had in my life.

6. I'm scared of rail-road crossings. My least favorite one is on 322 on the way to the Jersey Turnpike.

7. My favorite colors are green, yellow, and blue. In that order.

8. I wrote my first poem at age 7. It read: "I see me, the beautiful, beautiful me/ I see me in the beautiful sea/ I see you in the beautiful see too! / After we get out, what do you want to do?/ Maybe we'll build a sandcastle or two!

9. My favorite gum is Orbit Sweet Mint.

10. My childhood pets names have been: Rocky, Patches, Tipper, Lucas, and Simba. All boys, all cats, except for Tipper who was a beagle.

11. I love candles that are scented like "fresh linen".

12. As a child attending church, I was often an "acolyte". That's a person who wears a special gown and carries a lighted candle down the aisle, and assists with communion.

13. I was in the school chorus in high school, and I almost failed the class because my singing was so awful.

14. I lived in 4 different houses during my childhood.
15. My very first CD was Will Smith- Willenium.

16. I have crowd surfed!!

17. I think Ben Folds is a lyrical genius.

18. I really want to learn Spanish. I took it for 2 years in high school and barely learned a thing.

19. I hate the word "nausea" and all forms of it.

20. When I was 12 I broke my ankle. How did I do it? I was in the dining room doing my homework and heard the opening song for Full House down in my den, so I sprinted down there to watch it and I skipped the last 5 or so steps, landing horribly.

21. I have never liked cheese on my sandwiches. In fact, I usually prefer no condiments either. Just meat and bread.

22. I haven't seen Top Gun, Rocky, The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Men in Black, or The Sound of Music.

23. I have a good friend who spent a good amount of time in prison. I am incredibly proud of the person she has become since her release.

24. I have been to ten eleven Dave Matthews Band concerts.

25. My very first alcoholic drink was a screw driver. To this day, when I drink orange juice I can almost taste a hint of cheap vodka.

26. My favorite Christmas tradition that my family does is "The Pickle". We have an ornament that is a shiny, glossy, green pickle. When we were younger, we would leave The Pickle out next to Santa's plate of cookies, and in the morning it would be gone and hidden on the tree (by Santa). The very first thing we do on Christmas morning is run downstairs and search for The Pickle on the tree. Whoever finds it first opens the first present. We didn't come up with this on our own - it's a German tradition...we're not German though!

27. I have an allergy to capers, bee stings, and morphine.

28. When I pick out crabs, I keep a little mountain of Old Bay on the table next to me. I dip every piece of meat into it- even if the crabs were originally seasoned. I can never get enough seasoning!

29. I have never attended an NFL or NBA game, and just attended my first NHL game last winter.

30. My favorite Disney soundtrack is Pocahontas.

31. I was a co Editor-In-Chief of my high school's newspaper.

32. When I was a kid, I once guessed randomly at what the lottery numbers would be, and to my disbelief, I was right. But, I never told anyone because I was sure no one would believe me. I can still remember the numbers: 8-6-3.

33. I love Jim Gardner - the news anchor for Channel 6 ABC Action News. He just looks like he's such a great old man.

34. I have a "thing" for the number 2. It's always been my number in sports (except rugby), but I often base things off of it and make random decisions using the number 2.

35. The most I've ever weighed was 144 lbs, and that was my freshman year of college. (The freshman 15 def. happened to me! All that Easy Mac I think...)

36. I prefer red wine over white.

37. My favorite book when I was little was "Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom". It was about all of the letters in the alphabet trying to climb the same tree.

38. It is near impossible to stick me for an IV or blood draw.

39. I love Apple products, I could never go back to Windows now!

40. My favorite old Western movie is The Searchers. The only reason I have one is because my dad used to watch them all the time (mostly in between commercials and time outs of sports games.)

41. I'd rather have a stomach bug for 24 hours than a cold for 4 days. Pretty much anyone who has ever lived with me can attest to the fact that when I have a cold, I am the most miserable, pathetic, whiny person on the face of the planet. I am not ashamed to admit that. Plus, cold medicine makes me very, very on edge and jumpy and keeps me awake.

42. My favorite meal is fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. With light gravy, not the dark kind. It's really only my favorite if my mom makes it though. But that's hard because raw oysters and steamed crabs are two of my favorite foods in the world..

43. I love the rowing machines at the gym, they make me feel like I am getting such a good work out.

44. I think rainbow sprinkles taste better than chocolate ones.

45. When I was in 4th grade, we had an "MS Read.a.thon" to benefit a Multiple Sclerosis charity. We had a month to read as many books as we could and get as many pledges as we could. ("I'll give you 10 cents for every book you read, etc.) The whole school participated and they gave out 3 awards - The kid who read the most books, the kid who read the most pages, and the kid who raised the most money. I won the award for most pages read - I was 10 and read over 10,600 pages in one month.

46. My freshman year of college, I learned the hard way that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get all of the bubbles out of a fountain that's been soaped...

47. I was born 18 days late.

48. I once ran 52 laps at my high school's track in around 3 hours. 52 laps = 13 miles.

49. I am hypoglycemic. I found this out while celebrating a friend's birthday at a huge Amish restaurant in PA. I didn't eat anything all day in order to prepare for the enormous dinner I'd be having, but I never even got to eat - I passed out in the bathroom due to low blood sugar!

50. I like to sleep with only 1 pillow. Actually, I find it really hard to sleep with 2.

51. I only missed one day of school from grades 1-5. In was during second grade, when I attended my great grandmother's funeral.

52. I hate hair. Hair makes me shudder... especially when it's wet and stuck to me. When I get out of the shower, I lay down towels on the bathroom floor so that I don't get any stray hairs that may be on the floor stuck in my toes.

53. Just writing that made me shudder!

54. Which reminds me, my favorite thing is being barefoot. When I meditate, I imagine myself in a tank top and shorts, in the summer, walking barefoot on a big huge rock that has been warmed by the sun.

55. I still have all 4 grandparents living, and I know I'm extremely lucky.

56. My favorite kind of soda is Root Beer. I rarely drink any other kind of soda.

57. My eyes were blue until I was twelve years old, and then they just turned green.

58. I took ice skating lessons when I was in middle school.

59. I can't drive a stick shift, no matter how hard I try to learn.

60. I'm not at all afraid of needles... I think it's easier to watch when they stick you. And, my mom does it for a living and taught me how... and I drew her blood once!

61. I wish I wasn't a pack rat.

62. I can't keep track of a pair of sunglasses to save my life.

63. I could listen to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture in E flat over and over again.

64. After I wrote that sentence, I opened iTunes and began playing it.

65. I hate talking on the phone.

66. I do not download music illegally.

67. If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, I would choose Nelson Mandela.

68. I love hammocks!

69. I used to avoid eye contact at all costs, when I felt vulnerable or exposed. I think (hope!) that I've gotten better about this over the years.

70. It has taken me almost a month to write this so far.

71. My ring size is a 7.

72. I love rollercoasters and my favorite one is The Hulk at Disney...or Nitro at Six Flags NJ!

73. I had to go to physical therapy when I was 17, during the "Year of the Curse of 3's".

74. The Year of the Curse of 3's is something that I made up- they always say that bad things happen in 3's, and for me, they happened during a 5 month span during my junior year.

75. I didn't really like sushi until I was 20 years old... now I love it and will try anything!

76. I don't believe in organized religion.

77. I'm an Aries. I don't really know what that means though.

78. I have never once dyed my hair. (Did I already write that?)

79. I was in the "Guppies" swimming class at the Y when I was 12 years old. Everyone else in the class was five or six..

80. Because of my obvious embarrassment, when a friend saw me walking out of the Y one day with wet hair, I told her that I had joined the swim team.

81. My friends figured out that I was lying because I didn't know how many meters were in a lap. I never lied like that again!

82. I still can't do a cartwheel.

83. I like the Phillies and the Orioles, and no one can tell me that you can only like one baseball team!

84. I know someone who wanted to be like Jim Morrison, so he tried to swallow a quarter. When he couldn't do it, he swallowed two dimes and a nickel instead.

85. The person I was just referring to was my very first boy friend... Lovely.

86. I hate mayonnaise.

87. If I get a piece of mail, that automatically becomes the best part of my day. Unless it's a bank statement or Clipper magazine.

88. My favorite shoes are my Birkenstocks.

89. Sometimes, I really really really miss being a kid.

90. Best concert I ever attended: Simon and Garfunkel. I cried, it was so beautiful.

91. I'm really quite unnecessarily emotional at beautiful things.

92. One of my favorite smells is the scent of a campfire.

93. I believe Girl Scouts is an amazing program. Boy Scouts - not as much.

94. I hate Italian food and Italian restaurants. The only Italian restaurant that I actually like is Macaroni Grill.

95. I had very messy hand writing until around age 9. I was complaining to my mom about it, and she simply said, "So change the way you write." So I did, and now I write very neatly.

96. I'm pretty compulsive about writing very neatly. I only use pencils.

97. Speaking of only using pencils - I love crossword puzzles.

98. I have a Raggedy Anne Doll named "Annie". I've had her since I was 5. She is the replacement for one that I had since birth that had contaminants spilled on her at my mom's work. I didn't know about "the big switch" until years later.

99. I hate socks that aren't ankle socks. (Unless I'm wearing my hiking boots)

100. I want to change the world, and I think that anyone can do it. One person, one hug, one conversation, one smile at a time.

101. Famous people I have met: Tyler Hilton, Barack Obama, O.A.R., Bethany Joy Lenz, Michelle Branch, Brett Dennen, Brand New, Ani DiFranco, Vanessa Carlton. I'm probably forgetting someone...

Congrats on making it to the end!


and her heart it is in ireland said...

YAY! I'm writing a 101 things now and it is taking me forever!

I agree with you on I have no desire to snowboard, you are obvi from MD with the Old Bay love, Chick Chicka Boom Boom is amazing, rowing machines (ergs) are a fabulous workout - but can really be hell if you row, it took me until I was 12 to cartwheel, wow - you only use pencil? i haven't used pencil since like HS math!

Some great things :)
Let me know any of the songs you want and I can send them to you over email.

kelly. said...

did you try to save up for shady maple.?!? cause it is my favorite place everrr.!!!

and i could actually recite chicka chicka boom boom to you right now. my favorite part being "skit skat scoodle doot flip flop flee everyone's running to the coconut tree. momma and poppas and uncles and aunts hug their little dears and dust their pants" after the tree fell over. definitely my favorite book as a child (in case you couldn't tell...)

Anonymous said...

i love that you did that. it was really interesting to me...especially since i already knew some of it. some things never change.

love you, kris.


ablogofherown.wordpress.com said...

Ok, so you were cool with the Ani quote, but now I'm super jealous that you actually met her! AHHH! I die!

Lady V said...

Hi *waves*
I think this is a great article...it's full of random stuff!!
I tried to do a lesson like this with my class today, Ten Fascinating Facts and I struggled to think of ten for myself!
I'll aim high and give 101 things a go though :-)