Monday, January 5, 2009

Photo A Day Challenge

I decided back around Thanksgiving that I want to try to do a 365 Photo A Day Challenge.  Basically, it's when you post one photo every single day for a year.  I was actually not going to do it, since we went to Deep Creek Lake and I didn't get back until the 4th.  (Ideally I would have started on the 1st.)  However, a few friends told me I should do it anyway - who cares if I was a few days late, so I went ahead and started!

Here's the link -  Don't feel obligated to even look at it- it's not that interesting!  It's really just for myself, to work on my photography skills and see if I can actually do this challenge.  

PS. If you are going to click the link- be forewarned... my photo for today is of the rash that is taking over my torso...  It's not gross or anything, but it just kind of pops out when you see it.


Anonymous said...


so the skin irritation i have looks EXACTLY like that and it covered most of my body just like yours. It is called PITYRIASIS ROSEA and unfortunately there isnt much help for it besides using the AVEENO lotions and body wash and using hypoallergenic clothing detergent. You def need to NOT scratch as that only makes it worse. You are lucky you do not have it on your scalp because I do and it is the worst.

erin said...


I'll be checking it out. I've been doing one for over 500 days now. The way I do it is I take the pictures, and I try to label and upload them every day, but it is usually every 3-4 days I post. But I've had a lot of fun with it and taking lots and lots of pictures! My link is:

PS. I LOVE Jodi Piccoult. I loved 19 Minutes!