Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Scream, You Scream

Last night after we went swimming (I'm learning Butterfly!) I had this huge craving for some Ben & Jerry's.  The actual ice cream store was closed, so we went to Harris Teeter to buy a pint.  Yum... sometimes you just need some ice cream!

The gym that we go to has a 3 lane pool, a huge whirl pool, a sauna, and a steam room.  I really love the whirl pool... and I usually go into the sauna for about 3 minutes because that's all I can handle!  The steam room though, freaks me out.  It's so scary- it's like your sitting in there and then all of the sudden steam starts pouring out of these vents and it's so loud.  It makes me feel like I'm in a gas chamber, and then I start to feel claustrophobic.  So... I stick to the sauna!

In other news... I'm having a hard time making a decision about my schedule.  I can't decide what to do.  Right now I'm taking 18 credits.  Two of my classes include: a Sociology class (finishes my minor) that is SOOO interesting and I love the prof. and I feel like I'm going to do really well in it.  And a Political science class (finishes my "general req. for "world") that seems like it's going to be a a lot of work, but sounds interesting.  I really like having both of these in my schedule, because they make all of my classes right in a row, every day.  (So that I'm not hanging out on campus for long intervals in between classes).

My problem is that, I've found a Sociology class that fits my "world" requirement - one class that knocks out both of those reqs.  So, I could add that class and drop both of the others.  This would drop my course load down to 15 credit hours... however, this class involves A LOT of work (I signed up for it last year and ended up dropping it because it was only a 200 level course but the workload was that of a graduate level class).  So... I don't think it's worth it to drop the two interesting classes, just to pick up a class that could potentially be more work than both of those classes combined...

Gah  :-/  And I only have one more day to decide!


lindsey said...

take the more interesting class - when else are you going to be able to take it? it may be more work, but if it's more interesting, isn't that better?

and her heart it is in ireland said...

I would go with the more interesting classes. I would much rather take interesting classes and have it be slightly more work or a hard professor. I avoided two history profs at WAC, because they were boring but easy. I do better in classes when I am interested :)

I loved trying to make my schedule right in a row. I was able to even do a few semesters, makes life sooo much easier!

PoisonIvy068 said...

damn 18 credits? you go girl! : )
i can't wait to get back in school