Monday, January 5, 2009

I don't know if I'd survive, without a friend like you in my life

This summer I went to the John Mayer/Brett Dennen concert with Kels and her best friend Gill, and Gill's boyfriend Matt.  We basically didn't care about John Mayer (or Colbie Caillat, who was in between them), we really just went to see Brett.  It was amazing, and I posted about it back in July.  I wrote that there was something awesome that happened that would have to wait until I got ahold of the photo of it for proof - well tonight that picture finally got back to me!!  


He did his set and then Kels went to the bathroom when he was done.  When she got back, she told Gill and I that Brett was signing autographs at a table and that there was barely any line.  Gill, Matt and I immediately jumped up and ran inside.  They were just finishing up, so we basically just walked up to him and started talking to him.  I got a picture with him, and so did Gill and Matty.  It was so awesome!  As you can tell, it was pretty far into the evening, so I was slightly intoxicated, but I will never ever forget meeting him and having him sign his set list for me!!  


erin said...

That is so exciting :)

Yea, I did change the link, sorry I didn't even think about it, that it would say I disappeared! The new one is so change your links, because I've been writing a lot lately.. We'll see how long this lasts. Sounds like you had a pretty good holiday :)

lindsey said...

he looks so he's 12! how old is he? he doesn't sound little...just looks it

Kristen said...

@ Lindsey - After we met him, I told myself that he couldn't be anymore than like 19 or 20. MAYBE 21. I was curious and checked when we got home - Brett Dennen is TWENTY NINE years old! Next October he will be 30! Isn't that out of control?

Unless Wikipedia is mistaken, and he was born in 89, not 79. Haha.