Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Great Night!!

Photo: Gill, Matty, Kelsey, Me, Sean .. on the lawn!

The concert was AWESOME!!  We got there pretty early with plenty of time to tailgate and hang out.  We met up with Dylan, a friend from leaders who was there with his girlfriend.  After tailgating we went inside and Brett Dennen was playing!!  It was so amazing to see him live!  He played 6 songs, 3 of them were ones that I loove (Ain't No Reason, She's Mine, and Blessed)  You should all check out those songs, they are amazing and meaningful and the last two are very "happy" songs :)

After Brett, Colbie Calliat played, who I didn't really know that well except for those two songs that got totally overplayed on the radio this spring.  However, she did cover "Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 and everyone went crazy and danced, because that's a great song!  

John Mayer was exceptional.  And that is A LOT for me to say, because I had very low expectations of him.  A few years ago in high school, I saw him with the Counting Crows.  At that concert, CC were beyond amazing, they really had so much energy and were so happy to be there.  And then John Mayer came out and ruined the mood by playing some random stuff and really slow songs.  At that time (Maybe around 2002-03) he wasn't that big, and he really should have come out with the big guns, playing the songs everyone knew so that people weren't so bored.  

However, this time he was great!!  He played song after song that everyone knew and even a few great covers!  (a Hendrix song, plus Free-Fallin by Tom Petty).  

Something else ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC happened, but it will have to wait until I get the picture from Gill so that I can post about it with a picture (for proof!  haha)

All in all, it was a great night!!

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