Monday, July 21, 2008

Rainbows = Calm at the End of the Storm... and LUCK!

I feel much better.  Today was a good day.  I'm sailing through the day.. I worked 11-3, which is the lunch rush, so it's never the BEST shift to work but at least I was able to keep busy and keep my mind off of things.  And since it was my last day, my boss made us all Tequila shots in the dish room!!  ;-)

So, my plan for the rest of the day is to get Rita's with Mike Z. who I haven't seen in YEARS.  And then out to dinner with my dad around 7:30.  Thank god my day will be busy, because I can't handle another day of sitting around moping.  Tomorrow the plan is to do some laundry in the morning, and then I'm heading into Philly with my camera to walk around the city with Lindsey.  Then tomorrow night I am just packing and getting my stuff together for PACAA!!  Wednesday will be a fabulous day that I am looking forward to immensely, and after Weds I will be able to update on what I am doing :)  

My girl Katie Krize is still hanging on.  Her parents and family are doing everything they possibly can to keep her comfortable and pain-free.  It hurts my heart so badly that I'm going to PACAA for a week... I had hoped for so long that I would be in Greensboro during this time, so that I could easily drive down to SC when she makes her journey to heaven.  However, I am happy that soon she will no longer be in any pain.  Please let her family know if you're thinking about her or praying for her.  I'm sure they would appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i'm just now catching up on all your blogs. i'm glad you had fun at the beach!! i love it down there, it's so relaxing, and an escape from everything :) if you ever need to talk i'm here. i'm back in Wilmington for a few weeks so call me if you want to hang out, or just lay in my bed with me, cause that's really all i do with my life. miss you lots! hope things turn around. and relationship problems are not fun, this is my first time in a relationship and i feel like nothing ever goes like it's supposed to. remember everything happens for a reason!