Sunday, July 6, 2008

7/6/08 **EDIT**

My sister at Valley Gardens.  Her shirt was so bright, I just had to try it.

Last night I had a long talk with someone I met last summer at my job.  She's on staff now, I'm really proud of her.  I miss her, and everyone, so much.  I know I shouldn't really talk about it on here, so I try not to.  It's just hard when it's the only thing I've really been thinking about a lot lately.  I would do anything to be there right now.  No...I take that back.  I'd do anything for it to be last summer again, before everything got crazy and things happened.  Back when I thought me not going back this summer would be on my terms, and not anyone else's.  I know that I really need to grow up and find a real job for the summer, but really...I was so happy there.  I could wear what I normally wear everyday (tshirt, sports bra, running shorts) and I got to do my favorite thing- hang out and play with kids.  I miss it so much.

This weekend I visited my friend Mer at University of Maryland.  We had a blast!!  A big group of us played Catchphrase for like 3 hours, and then went out to the bars in College Park.  Which are all so college-y and fun.  I definitely want to go back sometime to visit because her friends are all so nice and really funny.  Thanks again for having me Meredith!  I can definitely see why you love CP so much :-)

That's about it for now.  We leave on FRIDAY for the beach for a week.  I'm so excited, we haven't been on a real "vacation" in a long time.  (Unless you count going to Idaho last summer).  

**EDIT** What I meant was, I haven't been on a FAMILY vacation in a long time.. I have been on two wonderful vacations with Em so far this year :-)



Lindsey said...

questions - do you shoot in raw or jpg? also, do you do anything after you upload the pics to your computer (post processing type stuff)?

Lindsey said...

1. lbi is great - we're already planning to go back next summer! it's pretty similar to rehoboth as far as the whole smalltown, family atomosphere, but just a big island of towns like rehoboth.
2. i really haven't been doing too much to my photos - playing around w/ things i've found on websites, especially digital photography school. i'm not sure if em just got photoshop or the whole cs3 suite, but regardless, when you open up a raw image file adobe's camera raw opens and you can play around w/ exposure and stuff like that and then open it in photoshop to convert to jpg or to resize/crop/mess around w/ fun effects. i kind of just experiment w/ my camera and figure out what looks good :-) we should go out sometime and shoot - i want to go here: