Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kittens and Towing

Our cat Symon is a nutcase. The day before we left Greensboro, we were packing downstairs and I went to go out to the car and noticed Symon asleep on the chair in the corner. He seriously slept like this for like 30 minutes.

I said goodbye to the Neon before we left. We donated it to Charity Cars, an organization that either fixes up your car and gives it to a family in need, or they just sell it for parts and use the money to buy a car for a family in need. Pretty cool, but I was sad to see Greeon go. I had that car for 5 years! Right as the guy was pulling away in the tow truck, I realized that the car still had its tags attached ... shoot! So I ran and flagged down the guy and he took them off for me. :)

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kelly. said...

hey.! i finally got a chance to sit and read this since i've been gone......i miss you a TRILLION. glad to hear everything is going well....i hope i get to see you sometime. i miss you a lot. x kelly.