Friday, January 16, 2009

A room full of people that still love me

While organizing, unpacking, and going through a lot of my old things, I've come across some items that have brought back some amazing memories.

1. The dinosaur that I got at Liam's viewing.  The Kanes had so many dinos, and they were all beautifully displayed underneath of Liam's casket.  Liam used to have "Dino Meetings", and it looked just the same... all of his dinosaurs surrounding him to send him off.  It was very sweet of the Kanes to give each person one, and I will definitely treasure it for the rest of my life.

2. A shoe box with framed photos that used to be up in my dorm room my freshman year.  There is one in particular - it's Maria and I, and it's in a turquoise frame with polka dots.  I don't even know when it was taken, but I love that photo because it reminds me of my freshman year, living in the dorm, and setting up all of my pictures when I first got there.

3. Lacrosse goggles.  We didn't start wearing them until my junior year, and I hated them when we had to start wearing them.  However, just seeing them reminded me of two things.  How much I miss playing lacrosse (A LOT) and our friend Zack at Senior Week, who wore them around one night in a drunken stupor.

4. A Camp laundry bag.  I miss that place... I just do.

5. My watermelon--- Right before my parents divorced, at my old house we had the huge Oak tree in our front yard cut down.  After they were done, my mom collected a few of the small extra pieces of wood they left behind, and two of them were in a wedge shape.  She painted them to look like watermelons, and they are a legitimate part of that tree and my childhood.  Fast forward 5 years - right before I went to college, my cousin Meghan's advice for me was, "Take one object from your home that really reminds you of 'home'.  Just something small that isn't obvious, but will remind you of home when you look at it."  I took one of those watermelons, and I still have it.  I love it, I love that my mom painted it, and I love that it came from that tree that isn't there anymore.  

I'm feeling nostalgic and sad for some reason tonight.

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coffee said...

your post makes me miss college (some things at least)