Wednesday, January 14, 2009


And one more thing before we go -
There's never been any place quite like this home.

Today Em and I drove back down to North Carolina.  The drive was relatively uneventful.

It was so hard to leave... I cried on and off last night.  I just couldn't help it.  I'm going to miss my mom so much.  I'm looking forward to the semester, but I really enjoyed being with my mom.  It's hard to leave her.  I feel like such a baby, but after my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I just wanted to be around her all of the time, and I was able to from the start.  I know that she's doing much better now though, and I have no reason to worry about her.

I bought some groceries tonight, and got rid of some of the clothes from my closet/dresser to make room for the clothes I've acquired since June.  There's not many... however, I have a serious problem.  A very, very serious issue.

I am a t-shirt packrat.

I have well over 100 tshirts.  And that's down from about 175 earlier this summer.  I eliminated all tshirts that did not either (a) have a special meaning to me, (b) come from a sports tournament, or (c) actually make it onto my body atleast once a month.

I just love tshirts!  You can never have enough.  My problem is that I have so many that are pretty grungy now- some of them I've had since high school and I mostly use them for sleeping or sports practice/working out.  But... I just can't give them up, they are special to me!  Some are from concerts, high school sports, rugby tournaments, etc.  Some of them are from colleges I've visited or that my friends go to... Oh well. 

Time to unpack everything.  Oh, and 25 points in the game of life if you can comment and tell what song those lyrics at the top are from!  (Without googling!!!)


kelly. said...

our friend "olive "from camp just made a quilt out of her old t-shirts. and it is the coolest idea ever and i want to make one, because just like you...i do the SAME thing! i have three drawers full, just at home of t-shirts that i just can't get rid of!! glad you are back and safe...i know after just 2 months it will be hard to not be home! xox kelly

ask em and i am sure she is friends with her and there is a picture there!

Kate said...

I've been meaning to make a quilt of mine, too! Between school, camp, and life, I've acquired too many and my mom and I talked about making a quilt. It's a must!

and her heart it is in ireland said...

haha, i was going to say quilt as well! my college roomie had one and i loved the idea. i'm planning on making at least 2 because of all my shirts! i have a huge storage box full of t-shirts that i haven't touched in like 2 years!

and i'm sure it was tough leaving your mom, especially after everything. once everything is going, it will be easier to be away.

lindsey said...

i was going to come and tell you to make a quilt too. but i've also seen (maybe on urban outfitters?) framed tshirts. i think if you get some ikea frames ('s sad that i know that) and then position your shirts it could be some cool artwork. plus you won't necessarily have to cut them to put them in the frames, so you could rotate the shirts whenever you want.

Emmers said...

well, maybe for your birthday I will have to get you one of these:

they are expensive, but seriously, who do we know that quilts?!