Friday, January 2, 2009

To Dewey

A few months after I started this blog, two years ago, I traveled to Deep Creek Lake, MD with my cousin Sherri and her family.  She has three kids- the ones who I post a zillion pictures of, because to me, they are the cutest, most loving and beautiful kids in the world.  Last time that we came here, I had just received my Christmas present from Em, which included a stuffed elephant.  After much deliberation, we named him Dewey.  I brought him with me, thinking the kids might like to snuggle with him.

Little did I know, they would soon become completely obsessed with him.  I told them "Dewey Stories" about how he comes alive when we're not looking, and they ate it up like hot cookies.  For the last two years, every single time I have seen them, they have questioned the whereabouts of Dewey and his latest antics.  I brought him along for this trip, thinking that they would be equally as amused by him this time around.  I was definitely not mistaken.  They insist on sleeping with him, dragging him over every inch of the house, and they are trying their best to talk me into letting him hit the hottub with them.  (ha!)  Questions so far this weekend have included: "How much does Dewey sit in time-out?", "Where is Dewey's pee pee?" (I'm assuming this meant "Does Dewey have a girlfriend?" , "I can hear Dewey's heart beating but I can't hear him breathing.  How come?"  (??!?)  Etc, etc.    Emma drew this picture for him tonight.  Actually she drew it, then asked me how to spell "To Dewey".  At four years old, I was pretty impressed with her penmanship!

We're having a great time.  It's about 18 degrees here, and it's been snowing on and off.  We spent most of today in our Pjs, playing cards and talking.  It's been so relaxing and nice.  Tomorrow morning we're heading off to the mountain to go snow tubing, and after that the "men" are coming back to put the kids down for a nap while the ladies head out for some shopping and driving around to explore.  I love this place, it's so beautiful!

More pics to come when I am home and on my own computer.
Much love.

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Emmers said...

Today at this little book store next to the laundromat there was a pink elephant and i almost got it to send to you and say look, its dewey's little sister daisy :-) but i forgot my wallet