Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deep down in our hearts

This was one of the first times Em and I ever
hung out - a few of us went to Wilmington, NC
and saw a rugby game and then went to the
beach to hang out.

Camp is good... stressful, but good. I'm doing so much better than I have, there are days that are a little rougher, but for the most part, I have great friends and the kids are fantastic. This week my program is "Wet N Wild" which means during program time we do LOTS of water activities! Funyaking, water aerobics (its hilarious to watch), synchronized swimming, water games, sandcastles, etc. I love it, I love spending the morning at the waterfront because its always very nice there.

I can't write for long... for those of you who have sent me mail: THANK YOU SO MUCH! The highlight of my day is running to Sky Top and checking the staff mailbox. When I get mail, it makes my WEEK. To anyone who has sent me anything: Thank you!!

Recently Katie Krize recieved some bad news, so please keep her in your thoughts as her treatment plan will undergo some changes. Katie sent Em and I a letter at camp, it was sooo cute. We're going to send her a H**ver tshirt or something of the sort.

Much love everywhere,
Kristen =)

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