Thursday, January 18, 2007


The UNCG Bookstore


I was so angry when I left the bookstore this morning that I saw stars in pretty colors when I closed my eyes. Ok, here's the deal...try to follow this, it's not too complicated.

One of the books on my list to buy was a book called Born to Speak (for my Child Language Development class). They didn't have any on the shelf when I went to the bookstore, so I filled out a slip for them to order one. I paid however much (like $115) for a brand new book, since they were going to have to order it. On Sunday, I was at the Bark Park and got a call from the bookstore that my book had come in. They told me that it was a used copy, and so I would be refunded the difference (since I paid for a brand new copy). So I go in this morning to pick up my book, and the girl goes, "Oh can I see your original receipt" ...

Why would I have the original receipt? I bought my books TWO WEEKS AGO. I had the receipt, and then when I decided that I was definitely keeping all of my classes, I threw it out. I wasn't planning on returning any of my books, and so why would I need it?

I asked to speak to the manager when the girl refused to give me my refund. I talked to two of the three managers, and BOTH of them acted like I was absolutely ridiculous for not keeping my receipt! I want to know why I need it... I mean, the little slip of paper that I filled out to get that book has my name, my phone number, it has "PAID IN FULL" written on it, and it says exactly which book I purchased.

This makes me absolutely furious. If they're not going to refund my damn money than they could ATLEAST give me what I paid for- a new copy of the book. Atleast then I could resell it for more. I went back out to the car where Em was waiting, and she was so mad that she called the head manager, and left him a message to please call her back and let her know when she can stop by and talk to him about a problem with a book. (That was at 8:30's now 5pm and he hasn't called...)

RIDICULOUS! Could this situation be any more frustrating? My refund would be for around $50 ... and while that may not sound like a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things, when you have rent to pay, bills to pay, dues for rugby to pay,'s definitely a lot.

The UNCG Bookstore and Chancellor Sullivan will both be receiving very detailed letters from me VERY soon.

Still angry, but LOVE

ps. Maybe later tonight I will post picture of Sydney's first snow!!

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