Friday, January 26, 2007

In White Houses...


Tomorrow is our season opener against East Carolina University. It should be an interesting game.. we have a lot of rookies, but I'm pretty confident that they at least know what's up with the game...we've given them the best rookie primer that we can in the past week. Hopefully, no one gets too nervous. If we just stick it out, we have a chance :)

Can I just take one moment to say that Em is playing Super Nintendo right now, and I'm watching her and she looks just like a 7 year old, her eyes are all wide, her body is jumping around even though her fingers are the only thing that need to be moving, and she's singing the tune of the song that plays with the nintendo ... cute :)

And now we're off to Suzi and Elliotts house, so that Sydney can play with Mattie and Fenway and so that Suzi can go over some important scrumhalf things with me before tomorrow. I'm excited, no one has ever really sat me down and explained anything to me on paper (or drawings) before. I'm pumped :D

Peace & Love

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Emmers said...

I wish i could videotape you playing nintendo because you leap and jump along with mario too! I'm glad you liked playing the Wii today - maybe if my brother gets one we can play it at my house.

my wrist hurts.