Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Me and Mariah, go back like...

My friend Mariah, who I've been friends with since around the age of 11, graduated from UD last May and embarked on an amazing journey to Los Angeles, where she is currently trying to find a job in the crazy world of entertainment. I am so impressed with her bravery - I don't know that I could pick up and move somewhere brand new like that! She's had some pretty awesome experiences AND celebrity run-ins, and she chronicles it all on her blog: True Life: I'm An Adult? Go check it out!! And let her know if you stopped by :)

The Philadelphia Phillies are in the WORLD SERIES again!! I am ecstatic and can't wait for tomorrow night - Game 1 of the series, in NYC. It's Broad St. vs. Broadway!!



erin - heart in ireland said...

go yankees!

my friend lives in wallingford.

and i like the liberty series - liberty bell vs. lady liberty!

the news this morning was funny, comparing nj to the civil war and a divided state!

Mari302 said...

love you, kris! come visit me! :)