Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If only I'd known that the last time I saw my grandmother alive, that I would never be able to hug her or talk to her again. The last time I saw her, we went to Longwood Gardens... it was (I think) January 4th. My mom got tickets for her to see the ice skating show there. Mommom seriously loved herself some ice skating. Whenever it was on tv, she'd have it on in the evenings. That evening, we stuck her in a wheelchair, since walking too much was hard on her heart, and we got the best seats in the arena. We went through all of Longwood Gardens and saw the Christmas flower displays, taking turns pushing her and looking at the lights and the flowers in the hot greenhouses. She was excited when we reached the more tropical flowers, and she told us about the flowers in Florida. I wish I had taken a better photo that day. I just snapped this shot as we were walking... I brought my big camera, and took about a hundred photos of the sights at Longwood. But, I didn't take a photo that of the most beautiful sight that day that I didn't know existed. I'd do anything to see her again.

I can still hear her voice in my head. I'm scared that I'll forget it. Her voice has stuck with me, and not only can I hear it, I know what her voice would be saying in response to anything. She was predictable and comfortable.

I miss her today. I wish to see her again.


Olivia said...

Oh Kristen, I am so very sorry for your loss. It's so hard.

Sending many, many hugs. I am here if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

I accidently told my computer to open up all my bookmarks at once and some how one of my bookmarks is your blog page...and u know how I feel about blogs but thats beside the point.

This story made me cry! and looking through ur blog has taught me more about u which honestly knew there was more but not this much more! lol and that we have a lot of random stuff in common lol...

I <3 <3 <3 you! and you and your family gave mommom one of the BEST last memories EVER! and for that u should be happy! Cause I'm sure that day u all touched her more deeply then u can imagine and thats all that matters!

That voice u won't ever forget my great grandma passed away at least 4-5 years ago and its still in my ear as if she was talking to me yesterday! :)

I'm posting anonymous...I'll see if u mention that I posted this :) or I'll wait years to tell u I was this person :)