Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update: September 13, 2011

I got a new job... It's with the Graduate School of Education at a university in Cambridge. I'm excited to be working at a university and really looking forward to jumping back into research. Also, we are moving. If there was a contest over who could move the most times in a 12 month period, I would win. But, we're going to live in Cambridge, in the middle of all the action. 3 blocks from the T, and a 15 minute bus ride from Harvard Sq, so getting to work will be super easy. Also, our apartment is enormous. It's almost twice the size of our 430 sq. ft. current apartment.

I am saddened and disappointed by the passing of the Gay Marriage Ban by the House and Senate in the state of North Carolina (to be put on the May 2012 polls for a public vote). I have a feeling that I know how that is going to end up.

Sadly, I know many gay and lesbian families in North Carolina - I lived there for 5 years. It's heartbreaking to see how this is going to affect them. This amendment would also ban domestic partners from using each others' health insurance benefits. Sickening.

To end this on a good note - I joined a women's lacrosse league and a book club in order to start meeting more people in Boston and to get back in shape. They both start next week... I'm incredibly out of shape, as I haven't exercised regularly since rugby ended in the spring of 2010. It should be fun... I hope.

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Olivia said...


Love your pictures. As always! You have amazing talent! Have you ever thought of making it a side job? If I ever need a professional photographer, I am calling you!

I, too, am terribly upset about the NC news. It's simply unacceptable to say we live in a democratic society under such undemocratic conditions. Even more sadly, it doesn't look like much will be changing soon. We rectify one prejudice only to build another. It seems like we'll never really learn that we're all actually entitled to the same rights. It makes me sick, and angry, but then I remember people like you and so many other friends I know and they bring me hope. I also watch the "It Gets Better" video on a fairly regular basis to remind myself that it actually will get better. Even if it does take much longer than I would like.

Love you,

PS- Cambridge sounds awesome. Your job sounds simply amazing.