Monday, March 19, 2007

We Move Along.

Kels and I in front of our house, Summer 05

The last LSC event held at 1210 Faun - Rockin New Years '06

At my graduation party in the backyard, June '05

This past weekend Em and I drove up to Delaware and helped my mom move out of the big house on Faun Rd and into a smaller apartment. The apt is three bedrooms, my old house was four - and the apartment is really super nice, very clean and new, all new appliances, etc. It just felt so weird. We only lived in the house for 5 years, but that was my entire high school and beginning of college. Sooooooooooooo many memories in that house. I will miss it, and I will definitely miss living right next door to Laura James. Actually, our bedroom windows looked into each other - and so we actually devised a pulley system (with help from Mr. James) and we could send a basket across between our houses. Laura and I would stay up when we were younger and send across all kinds of stuff on that basket pulley.

Moving was hard - she moved into Top of the Hill, which, incase you aren't familiar, is the apartment complex right behind where the house with the Christmas lights is (if you're from Wilmington, you know what I'm talking about). She's on the 3rd floor, but I love the apartment, and Kels does too so that's good.

My biggest fear? It may sound selfish, but it's that no one will come visit me at the apartment when I'm home to visit in the summer or whenever. I feel like going to my house in SGC was so easy for everyone - those that live in Fairfax or down the street from me. I feel like the new apt is so out of the way that no one will just "stop by" and say hi to my mom...I'm terrified that she's just going to get lonely in that apartment all by herself when Kelsey leaves for college in 5 months. When she lived next to the James Family it was always good to know that she could hang out with Mrs. James whenever, and Laura would stop over and see my mom when she was home on break. I'm just so scared that she'll be all alone...

Time to get some sleep, big exam tomorrow.
Love everywhere,

PS- my next post is the butterfly pictures...promise.

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