Friday, August 24, 2007

And we remember..

I was so excited to find this video on my laptop. I forgot that the same night that I shot the short video of Liam running across his living room, I also got this short little video of Alli and Liam while they were watching The Land Before Time. Even though Liam doesn't say anything in this video, and I would do ANYTHING in the world to hear his little voice again, it still makes me feel so peaceful to see his little body in his own living room, watching his favorite movie

Not much to update tonight. Classes are interesting, and we've finally set up our bedroom and most of our house. We still haven't unpacked the XTerra from camp, but that will happen tomorrow hopefully.

I miss the little man a lot today...I think it's because I had to unpack my room and decide where to put my special box of Liam things. And I have that awesome drawing that he made for me that needs to find a place on my wall!

It's midnight and I'm tired.
Love everywhere,

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