Sunday, September 2, 2007

Life After Camp.

In all my camp glory... cooking breakfast
in Hickory Hill on a buddy burner (basically,
an upside down coffee can with a can of
sterno underneath.)

Life after camp is hard. I've adjusted back into the "real world" well. However, I won't lie - it was hard. I got very used to listening to the crickets at night before falling asleep, and now the silence is strange. I got used to eating at the same time everyday, and now at 12:30 my stomach tells me LUNCH NOW. I miss the lake, and the docks... and the fun in the staff room. I even miss climbing waterfront hill twice a day (sometimes THREE). I got really used to my friends being just two units away, or sometimes even just on the bunk above me or across from me. I miss twin days and surprises like all staff "LSR procedures" and showing the girls how to make a spiral for their tie dye. Life after camp seems very boring. I was so excited to come back to NC, and so ready to- after 8 weeks in the woods of NJ. And now that I'm here...I'm happy, it's just that I'm not as active. There are no little kids who say the FUNNIEST things and they have no idea what they're saying...

Life is good though, because I am taking awesome classes, I have a good schedule, and I'm babysitting for the same family again- who I LOOVE. Sydney is happy here, we take her to the bark park almost every other day. She misses all of the attention though, definitely.

Doing a trust fall from a 5 foot high platform.
I walked up to the group saying to Kelly,
"I'd never be able to do that!" And ten minutes
later, I found myself falling into their arms =)
Love everywhere,

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kelly.crumbs said...

i just wanted to tell you i miss you. and you are an amazing person. and i hope you know that...