Thursday, September 6, 2007

So Rise and Shine

Stunning. Hot Springs at Yellowstone
National Park- June, 2007.

I'm still recovering from the fact that I accidentally deleted every single one of the pictures off of my camera from Yellowstone/Idaho/Oregon/Wyoming, and from the entire summer at camp. I'm so incredibly thankful that I printed out about 50 photos at Walgreens before I left for camp ... so I scanned a few of them in.

Just some thoughts recently-

1. Lately I've been getting very angry, very easily. It's not like me to get so angry that I am basically blowing steam out of my ears, but it's a more recent development. Hormones? Maybe.. but it's bothering me. Things that I used to be able to brush off and just let roll over my back now make me BOILING MAD. I've gotten to the point where I don't care about being incredibly polite or nice in all situations, which I don't like either. Just something else to work on I guess.

2. I really miss when things were easier. Just.. life in general I guess. Every year it gets harder and harder. Being a freshman in college meant that I could show up to rugby practice and not worry about any of the politics involved. It meant I could show up to class and fall asleep or doodle because it was some random General Education requirement like "Drama Appreciation" or "Nutrition". I miss the days of things being easy, and I'm not complaining - getting older brings awesome and new experiences - I just kind of wish I could go back every once in awhile to not having to be so incredibly responsible for myself.

3. I really truly miss my friends from Wilmington. As much as I've distanced myself - it hasn't really been on purpose, but has been entirely because of me. I moved so far away, and I never come home... when I am home, either no one else is, or I don't really call people because I'm usually exhausted from the drive, or because I'm only going to be there for like 2 hours. But I really miss it, and I know that things have changed there, things are always changing - some people don't want to admit that, but time and experience always brings change. I miss having friends from home. I can't believe no one has seen my mom's new apartment, and she's been living there for 6 months! I need to keep better contact with my friends before they think I'm not their friend anymore ;-)

4. "If you judge people, you have no time to love them" -Mother Teresa

That's about all for now. Leave me a comment and say hello, because I have no idea who's still reading this!

Love everywhere,


Anonymous said...

i read it cop-o-pop-pop-e-rop. thanks for being amazing today. couldnt have gotten through the day without you...and roni bologna.

xox crumbs.

Lindsey said...

i read your blog!
tell em to update more! boo!
come to philly!

Anonymous said...

hey its mer! i always check up on you, and like when you frequently post cause it keeps me in your life. i'm just as bad at keeping in touch so don't take all the blame, however you will never be able to lose my friendship no matter how far away you move or how infrequently we talk. love you girl!

Anonymous said...

you know i read this :)

i miss you! see you next time you're in the first state, or if i ever make it down to nc.

Elaina said...

I like reading about what is going on in your life...
try not to sweat the small stuff, even if you get frustrated, just keep reminding yourself of that.
love you and miss you...elaina.

Anonymous said...

i still read your blog too. and, i completely agree with mer--no matter what you do or where you go, you'll never lose my friendship.

i was thinking the other day about your mom though, and how much i miss her. next time i'm home (which might not be until thanksgiving..can you believe it?) i'm going to visit her whether you are home or not. i love her.

and i love you.