Monday, September 10, 2007

The Loneliest Road

The Loneliest Road campaign began today. 5 fathers of kids with Neuroblastoma are biking from Sacramento, California to Washington, DC. I'm pretty impressed with the campaign to raise money and awareness. If you'd like to read more or check it out, click here.

I love this picture of Christi Thomas and her
mom, Angela. That child truly was a gift.

Lots to take care of before practice tonight... keep those 5 fathers in your thoughts/prayers as they battle possible harsh weather conditions and extreme exhaustion. Along with the fathers, keep the kids, ALL of them, in your hearts as well. They are the strongest people I know.

Love everywhere,

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forsecondlife said...

You're sucha good person do you know that? And I know this disease hit close to home for you but I like being friends with people that just genuinly care... just one more reason why I like hanging out with you.

lot of love.