Monday, February 12, 2007

So we laughed, compared notes. We had a drink, we had a smoke, she took off her overcoat...

It's been awhile since I've stenciled anything, but Em and I felt crafty all weekend, she's knitting me a hat, and I used hemp to make her a necklace on Friday night, but I decided I needed to be a little craftier - so I turned to stenciling, which I used to do all the time, but I just ran out of people to stencil shirts for, haha. I never really make them for myself. Anyways, Em was looking through a bunch of stencils online, and she decided on this design. She came up with everything except for the actual cutting of the stencil and stenciling. It was a double team effort :)

Man I really miss quality TV like Rocko's Modern Life ... Ren & Stimpy, and shows that used to be on Nick back when it was awesome. Television now is just a load of reality tv and mediocre sitcoms. (Except, of course, for House and Grey's haha)

SO, how is everyone out there? My life's been interesting the past couple of days. This weekend was pretty relaxing for Em and I, which was a nice change of pace. Friday we hung out at my house and watched a few movies, Saturday we had a rugby game- UNCG vs. Guilford College - except that Guilford didn't have enough players. So they got some of Triad's players (the team that Em plays for... it's like what you play once you graduate college, like a women's club team.) So I ended up playing against Em, which was a first. After the game we made our way over to the Blind Tiger, the rugby bar, but there was a weird vibe and the older guys claimed that they were going to be carding, which is weird because I've never been carded there once. So we peaced out, and met up with a bunch of other girls on the team. We decided to go out and see Hannibal Rising ... it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be- just gory. And really sad, actually. But it was good - I recommed it. It makes Silence of the Lambs seem a little more... sensible, or something.

On Sunday Em and I took Sydney to the barkpark, and she was acting weird - she has some weird scrapes on her butt that we're not sure about. I made an appointment at the vet to make sure she's doing okay - however, they very well could be from the SIX bags of unpopped popcorn that she ate last week - kernels, butter, and all. Gross.

I'm getting sooo excited for our Florida vacation... Em's aunt and uncle are letting us stay with them as long we want - and now that we don't have a rugby game on the Friday night of spring break, we're going to leave that Friday morning to drive down. At some point during the week that we're there we're going to spend a night or two in Miami, which should be BOSS (<-- hehe ;D ) So I'm really pumped. Suzi and Elliott are going to take care of Sydney, so she'll be living with them for the week. She'll like that SO much better than being boarded...she loves Mattie and Fenway :)

I guess that's about all I have to update about. Except that...everytime that I think my life can't get any does. Happiness is so much more than I ever thought it was.

Oh...something that's been bothering me for awhile. Kim, one of my housemates - babysits for a lesbian couple here in Greensboro. They have two sons - Jackson and Jacob, who are sooo cute (actually, I get to babysit for them in a few weeks since Kim can't!) Anyways, one of their mom's plays rugby with the women's team that Em and Suzi play for. And Kim was telling me a few days ago about how the YMCA won't let them join for a Family Membership. They can only get individual memberships. This makes me pretty damn mad... now, I see the Y's point I guess, and they are the "Young Men's Christian Association" ... but Christina & Martha and their kids are JUST as much of a family as any other family I know... I'm really angry about this. I don't understand what the big deal is. Dan - do you know anything about the Y's stance on things like that??

Time to finish some laundry-
Love everywhere,


Anonymous said...

i already started formulating a response before you even said "dan..." haha.

that really fucking pisses me off. but it's up to the association (if the ymca is part of one) or the individual itself. I know rocky run doesn't really care, but that may be because or exec is a lesbian. it also pisses me off because if you look at four individual memberships verses one family membership, it's probably twice as expensive. they should call the exec of the branch, and if no results, go to the next highest level (association exec if there is one, or potentially even the ymca of the usa). let me know if you need any help with this.

ps did you know that rocky run is probably the gayest ymca ever? literally, we have so many gay families (and staff too). it's way cool, and i had no idea.

Anonymous said...

it's up to the association (if the ymca is a branch) or the independent ymca itself*

Anonymous said...

more information i found:

if you look, they don't even call it a "family membership", it's a "two adult membership". they should address this with the ymca, at whatever level i was talking about previously.