Thursday, February 22, 2007

THON 2007: Many Hearts, One Home

$5,240,385.17 For The Kids.

Amazing. I wish I could have been there. Last weekend was Penn State's THON ... it's the largest run student philanthropy in the world, raising millions of dollars each year for the Four Diamonds Fund/Hershey Medical Center (pediatric cancer). Students at Penn State are dancers (even though there are literally over a thousand people who do other things involving THON that aren't actually dancing) and they dance for 48 hours straight. They raise money specifically for kids with cancer. When I found out that THON hit the 5 million dollar mark this year, I almost cried, I wanted to be there so badly!!

When Mr. Kane went to Penn State he danced at THON (the year they reached the 1 million dollar mark!) He said in one of his updates once on Liam's site that he never thought then, as a dancer, that he'd one day be a parent of a cancer child. Many kids and families from the cancer community attend THON, there are tons of activities and fun things to do!

Kids like Liam and Christi Thomas are remembered, and kids like Kendall and Penelope are supported and honored. Any child with cancer deserves some sort of recognition!!

Disclaimer: I finally filled my vicotin prescription today for my broken knuckle, and so I wrote this post while slightly psychedelically staring at this bracelet that Em made me that's all neon colors,...I don't think this last sentence makes sense anymore... :D
Love everywhere
Especially at THON

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