Thursday, June 21, 2007

I apologize ahead of time... I, not thinking very clearly during the last week or so of living in NC, left my laptop hidden under my bed, which means that I have no way of uploading my photos from my trip to the west. (My computer has a slot for an SD card...if anyone has a laptop in DE with that feature, let me know!!) Anyways, so I may not be able to post pictures of what I consider to be the MOST beautiful place I've ever had the pleasure of visiting... atleast not until august. Maybe I'll order one of those Kodak picture cds at the drug store.

I visited 9 states in 8 days. Well, that includes the layovers in Utah, Illinois, and Nevada...I never made it out of the airport for those three ;) Whitewater rafting in Idaho, Rodeo in Oregon, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK in Wyoming and Montana... I definitely had a blast during my time out there. I would do it again in a heartbeat. My aunt and uncle live out there, and their one son (my oldest cousin) and his wife - and their three children... ages 3, 2, and 10 months. What a handful. But very cute..

Camp begins on Tuesday, of course I'm nervous out of my mind. I bought a big black trunk like Em's and I'm working on filling it up. Right now I'm actually in NJ at the Galbraith's - and no one is home. Kelsey's graduation party is this Saturday (at 3, if you're in DE PLEASE COME!!! Its at the James's house!!) and I'll be back for that.

I must leave another disclaimer.. I am a bad friend. If your birthday was in the past month or six weeks.. I am so sorry. I haven't really called anyone on their birthday, life has just been going a little too fast for me lately. Thankfully, on Tuesday life should slow down a little... and be a little hotter, a little dirtier, and a little bit more my level. If you'd like for me to send you cool letters on camp stationary (with campfires and canoes!!!) then leave me your address... they say that getting mail at camp is the best part of the day!! I'll post my address before I go to camp, so that you can consider sending me something...anything...

I guess that's about it for now. Today I'm just doing laundry and hanging out with the pup, who I haven't seen in almost two weeks! Em is at a lifeguard training class all day, so I'm off to the washer... and to figure out how the hell to work my new phone, its totally complicated and pretty. :)

Love everywhere,

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Bahooba! said...

hello there, i just wanted to thank you for taking the time to suggest alternate tattoos on my blog. i think i'm going with Carpe bella diem since it's a bit more original than Carpe Diem. In any case, I just need to find the right script and make sure it makes sense and I'm going for it!
Thanks again,