Monday, June 11, 2007


Feb. '05 approx. 2 months before relapse

Things are still pretty insane right now. I wish I had time to update this more often, but we just got internet at our new house and then I left to come back home. We leave for Idaho tomorrow morning, the flight has a layover in Las Vegas! Not that I'm even of gambling age. I'm really excited though. My family has a lot planned for us- we're going white water rafting down the Snake River, going to a rodeo, and we're taking a charter flight to Cody, Wyoming from which we will drive to Yellowstone National Park and stay for two nights and have the weekend to explore the park.

Today I have to unpack all of my things for camp this summer so that I can pack for Idaho...also, today I am getting an upgrade on my phone - thank god. Ever since the milkshake incident, when it rings it sounds like it's under water!

After I get home from Idaho, I won't even be able to post an update because there's no way for me to get pictures onto this computer at my mom's... so maybe Em will let me update from her laptop at some point once we get to camp.

Sorry this is so short, and not interesting at all-- I just have been too busy running around to be interesting. If anyone has called/emailed me lately and I haven't gotten back to you - I'm sorry! I just can't keep up with life sometimes, haha.

Love everywhere,
Stay Safe,