Friday, December 7, 2007


I've been getting a lot of inquiries about this picture. If you go to my Facebook, and go to pictures that were posted by other people, there are something like 13 copies of this picture, all from different angles (I could probably create a 3D image or something cool like that. Well, not me, but someone who's good with graphics. Like Lindsey.)

So, I'll take this post to explain this very embarrassing moment in my life. It might be funny now, but at the time, I almost cried. Leave it to me to not be able to find humor in a situation that is actually pretty hilarious, but I digress.

We were at the staff banquet for camp. At the time that this picture was taken, Em and I were about 45 minutes away from leaving camp and beginning our looong journey to Greensboro, only to start classes the NEXT DAY. The Leadership Team was getting together for a picture and I went to whisper something to Em, but she was too far away, so I had to lean on a table to get close enough. I put one palm down on the "table" and started talking, and suddenly it occurred to me that the table had a funny feel to it...spongy.. like a pillow. What was up with this table? It took me approximately 3.4 seconds to realize that my hand was in a HUGE SHEET CAKE, as you can see from the photo. Luckily, I realized what I was doing before I put my hand all the way through the cake.

Why didn't I just giggle along with the rest of the crowd? I still kind of wonder why I cried. Maybe it's because I'm really over emotional, maybe it was because I was leaving my friends, maybe I was stressed, and maybe, earlier in the day, I had pissed off our Boss so badly that she flipped out in front of half the staff and threw shit all over her office, only for one of the assistant directors to take me aside and explain that the reason she was so upset was because of something I had said to her. Either way... when she walked towards me with that look on her face, and my hand was covered in pink and white icing, I couldn't help myself. I expected her to say, "Tell me again why I hired you?" So, luckily, my good friend Beaker (ahh camp names) whisked me off to the bathroom to get me cleaned up. (She's the one you can see in the photo, in the cute tank top)

So, that's the story of this picture. My boss followed me into the bathroom and made me feel better, so I came out and everyone pretended that it had never happened. Actually, I almost forgot about it..until every got home and the first they did was jump on their computers and facebook. Now, I laugh about it, because it is pretty funny when you think about it. It's like one of those classic funny moments, like a pie in the face or pushing someone's face into their birthday cake.


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Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure anyone in your position would have the urge to cry. now it just leaves you with a great memory and a funny story..