Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wild Wednesday

I love this picture that I took while in Idaho of
Averie, my cousin's daughter.

I am home in Greensboro now. Reuniting with Em and Sydney was awesome, and such a relief. I've been worried about Sydney, she's now started peeing everywhere when she sees Em, Liz, and me.. it's really weird, she never used to pee when excited.

I love shopping for Christmas. Basically, I love shopping and not feeling guilty, and Christmas is a great time for that! I bought Em's gift already, and I know what I want for a few others. I am completely clueless about what to get my mom.

Holiday season is rough for me money-wise. My mom's birthday is December 17, my dad's is December 26. Em's is Jan. 16. Within 1 month, I have Christmas and 3 birthdays! AHH!

Every year, my grandparents just send me a check so that I can get what I want. I'm thinking about getting an iPod Touch. I've read numerous reviews (which are very mixed). The iPod Touch seems to be "an iPhone without the phone and more space for tunes". It also seems to be a piece of technology that is at the beginning of a new "touch interface" era for Apple. Basically, reviewers are saying that the iPod Touch is only the beginning. Better, Bigger things are coming, and we should wait for them. One other criticism is, why spend $300 for an 8 GB iPod Touch, when for $250, you can get an 80 GB iPod Classic. It's a good question..but the curiosity in me takes over. iPod Touch has a lot of features that the Classic does not. A big one - a WiFi internet browser. Also, a bigger screen (I guess more important if you're going to watch videos on it), storage for photos, and a calendar you can keep info in. A lot of people are saying that the iPod Touch is a great buy, that how it works is interesting and it's fun to explore all of it's features. Those reviewers who were extremely tech-savvy were very mixed in their reviews, but for the average, every day person (like me), it seems to be a great purchase, and very fun.

We'll see. Anyone have an opinion?

It's good to be home. Em and I are going out to eat tonight, I am so excited. I haven't had an appetite in over a week!

Love everywhere,
Stay safe traveling with this weather lately,


Lindsey said...

i think syd needs a shrink...
as far as the ipod goes - i've been tempted by the touch screen, but the major drawback for me is the lack of hard drive space. i have over 5000 songs and i like to have all of them on my ipod when i want them. but if you don't have that many songs or you don't need to have them all right there then go for the touch screen! also, as tempting as the larger video screen is, it's kind of a pain in the butt to watch videos on your ipod. tho since em told me you're studying abroad for a few weeks, it might be a nice feature for the plane. i'm just hoping that after two years verizon can get in on the iphone.

Anonymous said...

i had the same ipod debate running through my head and i ended up getting the classic. i really like the classic. and i know that you have tons of music and if you're anything like me, which i know you are, you prefer to have it all at your fingertips so you can adjust your music to your mood. plus, i was able to put allll my pictures on my ipod (and you know theres a lot of them). touch is hightech and all that jazz but what if your lcd breaks? youre screwed. plus, theres something about that click of the ipod wheel...haha. so yea, theres my opinion since i went through the same thing. we are both pretty simple girls that don't need touch screens and 10-in-1 gadgets to complicate our lives. but hey, if you do, thats cool too. glad you're home and feeling better!