Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sometimes I just want to pack a duffel bag, grab my pillow and Sydney's bed, and leave all of my stuff behind, leave all of my stress behind, and drive to Vermont, find a tree house cabin, and live there forever.

Because is all of this really worth it? Do I need academic or professional success in order to be fulfilled?

Or is the success of interpersonal relationships enough? Is friendship success enough? Trust? Empathy? Love?

I don't want my life to be defined by work.

And I'm starting to go a little crazy.


Vickie said...

Pace yourself. The wonderful thing about being a student is that as soon as finals are over, you get a clean slate.


Through the looking glass said...

I'd love nothing better then to live off the grid...B-Man

kelly. said...

i want to do the same thing.
and i feel the same exact way.
missing you. xox kelly

elaina said...

what's weird is that i only just heard a few weeks ago that my parents had planned (before children) to live in the woods of new england and be completely self-sufficient. my cousin just did it...

I think we need to go spend some time in the shack in maine. it's only an 8 hour drive. with friends and good tunes, it would feel like nothing. i've got a month coming up. let me know what you think.
love and miss