Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sanity Schedule

Everything that is standing between me and the end of my semester (I can't find my planner so this is more for my reference!!)

Today (2nd):
Work 8-10:50
Class 11-1
Babysitting 2-4:30

Thurs (3rd):
CTC Meeting at 11am
Lit Review Meeting at 2:30
Stat exam at 3:30
Class 5-6:15

Friday (4th):
Class 12-1
Babysit 2:30-3:30

Monday (7th):
Work 8-10:50
Class 11-1
Final Draft of Research Paper due
Undergrad Research Meeting at 1

Tuesday (8th)- Reading Day:
Stat Final Exam Review 9-11
Sports Psych Meeting 1:30-2:30
Internship Orientation 3-5
Rugby Banquet at 6 (?)

Wednesday (9th):
Stat exam 8-11am

Due Before End of Finals:
Final Portfolio (due by Dec. 15, 5pm)
African Politics Take Home Final (due by Dec 15, 5pm)

The last two things on the list will hopefully be turned in by the 10th - I plan on getting them done EARLY so that they're not holding me back!!

Any good idea for good 20 minute or so stress relievers? I need to find a way to let my brain zone out when I am taking a break from studying/meetings/craziness... and my brain is getting tired of surfing the web!


nickelsanddimes said...

lately when I've been stressed out i've been teaching myself guitar! if you can get one for a good price at a secondhand shop or something you should definitely try- you'll be surprised at how fast you'll be able to strum out a basic version of a bunch of songs and sing along!

kelly. said...

good luck with everything!!

lindsey said...

yoga/stretching/meditating...maybe go out and spend 20 minutes wandering/taking pictures?

Rachel Dolgin said...

crafts. you can make me a pretty bracelet or paint by numbers :)