Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 photos

Photo #1 : Taken from the plane last Friday, somewhere over southeast Pennsylvania.  The clouds were awesome!  Sorry the photo is so dark- it was super blown out, and this was the best touchup job I could do with the little time I had!

Photo #2 : My grandmother and I at Meg's graduation party.  This woman is one of the most amazing women in the entire world.  She is a 3 time cancer survivor (all different types)!  She is 83 years old and still enjoys going out on the boat, spending time with family at gatherings, and cooking a mean turkey dinner.  ;-)

Photo # 3 : I took this at the beach today.  I was laying with my head facing the ocean, and noticed in the reflection of my sunglasses, that I could see my mom.  I also thought it was cool that you could still see Meghan through the glasses (she's wearing a pinkish/orange beach dress)

This trip home has been totally awesome and rejuvenating!  We've been keeping ourselves busy and having fun ever since I got here, and I almost don't want to go back to NC (because that  means it's time to look for a job!)  On Saturday, Meghan's graduation party was a lot of fun, and I am so, so proud of her for graduating cum laude!  The party was a blast, it was great to see my family and teach my mom and family how to play cornhole!

Action-shot to prove it!  Mom & Uncle Clarke.

Well, I am incredibly burned (crispy, really) so I'm off to apply some aloe and switch to a shirt that has no itchy tag in the back!  


Emmers said...

i love that shot of you and your momom! she is sooo cute!! Congrats to Meghan on cum laude! thats awesome! :) See you tomorrow!

forsecondlife said...

I'm happy that things worked out and that you had such a nice time with your family-that's what's really important.

Kelsey said...

send me the pic of me and mommom please! facebook it or something lol

lindsey said...

i loooooove rehoboth!

Vickie said...

I'll be looking for clouds like that when I travel in that direction (twice) this summer. Thanks for the inspiration. . .and Cetaphil lotion may help with the crispiness, too.