Saturday, May 9, 2009

no title needed

There's a lot going on right now.

First of all, I'd just like to say that I enjoy reading blogs where people make funny posts and keep things very light-hearted, but that's never been my style, and for me, blogging has never been something that I do to produce something for others to read.  I like that others read my blog, but that's not the purpose of it.  My blogging (although it wasn't called that) goes back to 2002 (September 26th, to be exact), when you still needed an invite code to get a Livejournal (thanks Dan G.!), and even back then, blogging was about having somewhere to dump my thoughts and record my daily life, as boring as it might have been (and still is).  (note: after writing that last sentence, I went to my very first livejournal and started to read from the beginning... an hour and a half later... I'm back.  ha)

I failed my statistics class.  It's a devastating blow, really.  My grades this semester are 4 A's, a B+, and an F.  I've never actually failed a class before, and it's terrifying and depressing.  Am I really that bad at math?  I did all of my assignments, studied, went to tutor sessions...  It's really scaring me, especially because statistics is actually utilized in grad school, and I'm applying in January...  (UNCG, Virginia Tech, and University of Delaware).  My plan is to re-take it in the fall, and the grade will replace it (and my GPA will go back up once the F is replaced) but I am just in shock, really.  I don't fail classes...ever...

My last final was today, and I left the final feeling happy, and then completely overwhelmed with everything that "summer" brings.  Pressure to find a job, pressure to begin packing my stuff to move, etc.  

Today would have been Christine's 20th birthday.  Happy birthday, friend... we all miss you down here so much.

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