Friday, May 15, 2009


I am home.  The flight was quick and easy and less than an hour long.  It almost seems a waste to pay that much to fly for 50 minutes, but then I remember that the drive is 8+ hours depending on traffic, and it's all worth it.  I sat next to the sweetest old lady, who chatted with me about the weather in North Carolina, college life, and her grandchildren.  

I also just wanted to stop in to request some prayers/good thoughts for little Makenzie.  I've been following her since she was diagnosed in late 2007.  She is currently in a medically induced coma because when she is conscious she continues to have seizures over and over.  The doctors diagnosed her with HLH, which from my understanding (and some help from my mom, the lab tech) is an issue where your bone marrow attacks your immune system and begins to shut down your organs.  Kenzie is already on dialysis.  This sweet little girl's birthday is on Sunday - she is going to be 5.  Please stop by and leave her mom some encouragement, as she is also having an extremely difficult time being away from her other two daughters (and one is a brand new baby- only a few weeks old!)  

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