Monday, August 31, 2009

Dogfish Head

Last night I got a text from Rachel- this photo was attached. There are two things I really love about this pic (which was snapped on Rachel's cell phone, hence the graininess). The first is that I'm with Rachel, and the second is that we're at Dogfish Head Restaurant in Rehoboth! Dogfish Head is a brewey located in Milton, DE and they come up with some pretty interesting and tasty ales. My friend Dan suggested that I take Rach there, since she's becoming a beer connoisseur and loves tasting different beers from breweries all over. That day we got an amazing appetizer and enjoyed a glass of Midas Touch, which is a great mead-like beer. I recommend Dogfish Head, located on Rehoboth Ave, to anyone visiting the Delaware beaches!!

Last Friday night I went out downtown with a bunch of friends for Kim's birthday. We went to this great little place formerly known as The Press (I can never remember it's new name!). I checked their beer list, because they usually have some pretty obscure choices, and sure enough- Dogfish Head was listed. I ordered their Festina Peche, which was listed under "Sour Beers" ... they weren't lying! It was tart, but I loved it... it was different, and the after taste was as if I had just bitten into a juicy peach. Yum!


HR said...

jealous! wish i was in that pic with you!

gillian said...

i went to the brewery this year with my internship & met the owner. not only is he brilliant & creative (he's effing gorgeous!!!)

their event planner guy is called the czar of events hahaha

oh how i wish i were 21

Rachel Dolgin said...

man i wish i were in that picture right now!! good summer moment...

i brouht the peach 6 pack with me to visit chloe and it was definitely different than any beer i've ever had, but there was something about it i really liked, can't put my finger on it. if you ever see aprihop from dogfish that stuff is real good too.