Wednesday, August 12, 2009

End of Summer !!??

Summer dies and swells rise
The sun goes down in my eyes
See this rolling wave
Darkly coming
To take me

Those are lyrics from a great song I rediscovered today.  The summer is coming to an end, especially for college students, who will be starting up in the next couple of weeks... I'll be driving back to North Carolina probably next Wednesday.  I'm still on vacation, until Saturday.  I am so incredibly lucky because the last 3 weeks have been me being at a combination of my three favorite places on earth.  PACAA, Dewey/Rehoboth Beach, and anywhere with my close friends.  The beach has been absolutely wonderful.  This week I'm staying with my dad and his family, which is a totally different experience than being at the beach with my mom.  It's been great that Kels and I have been together during this week, because we always do better when we're there with each other.  

I still owe you all a Lanyard update, and it's coming, I promise!!  I just need to be home long enough to actually put my thoughts together, plus I stole about a million photos off of facebook and they're saved on my laptop and I'm on my mom's now.  So that will happen...promise. :-)

It's back to the beach for a few more days, then some annual frantic packing and organizing.  I can't believe summer is almost over- it truly feels as though it JUST started!  

Sending love out to all... even my lurkers who don't leave comments! 


Vickie said...

I'm being patient. I promise. Though inside. I can hardly wait. To see the photos. Of the lovely creations.

Luckily, I've been moving like a chicken on fire this week and last. . .from the serious to the sublime (health care to lanyards). Like you, I have to face up to the start of the semester soon.

I have a large order to fill by September 4, so I am really glad your group got behind this.

Enjoy the surf and the immensity of your view on the beach.


erin - heart in ireland said...

I know!! I can't believe I have school stuff in less than 2 weeks! eeeek!

Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself and having a great time :) enjoy the beach!!

Emmers said...

hey i have a finished lanyard to give you (one of the twins finally got it all done) should i just bring it down to greensboro, or send it to you in DE? i cant believe school starts soo soon! I am working all next week so I am not going to drive to greensboro till sunday (besides the fact i dont have anyplace to live till the 26th doh!)