Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Start of Semester Update

I've started this post about five times since I've returned to NC, but I never get past the second sentence before an overwhelming rush of exhaustion takes over! I am so tired! Aside from the fact that last weekend was extremely tiring, emotionally and physically, the drive here really put my sleeping patterns out of whack! I downed so much red bull during the drive that when I finally got here and felt exhausted, I couldn't fall asleep for hours because I was so caffeinated! Then yesterday was the first day of classes, fall kick-off (where all of the clubs set up tables to recruit - we had a rugby table), plus it was SO HOT out. BUT, even though I am exhausted, I am happy to be back and pretty much loving my classes! My schedule is perfect, and my classes are really interesting. I'm taking:

-African Political Systems (looove this class and the professor!)
-Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies (ehh..not the most interesting class, but I have a lot of friends in it from my major, plus the professor is really nice and funny.)
-Statistics (do I even need to comment on that? ew.)
-Professional Development in Human Development and Family Studies (a.k.a. Preparing for Your Internship. I am so excited for this class...it's making it all "REAL"!!)

I'm excited that I'm only taking 12 credit hours... that means I'm going to have a lot more time to focus on my classwork, especially because I am going to have a LOT of work to do. This semester is going to be HARD but it's going to pay off in a big way, I think.

Practices start Monday for rugby... I can't wait to get into the groove of practices and games. Our first game is September 19 - less than a month away! We have so much work to do!

Spread Love,


forsecondlife said...

I'm taking stats too-we can trade horror stories all semester long. Get some sleep and really settle in, love you!

Emmers said...

Good luck in stats! Your other classes sound really interesting. I wish u could have taken this class I am in about photoshop - you would love it! I will have to let you borrow my book and show u all the cool things I am going to learn!

Lara said...

I am right there with you in stats girl! It's gonna be a good semester of mathematics. I can feel it.