Wednesday, September 23, 2009


#70: Say Goodbye.
  • Goodbye insecurities.
  • Goodbye being lazy when I know I have things I need to do.
  • Goodbye dwelling on the past.
  • Goodbye summer.
  • Goodbye blaming myself.
  • Goodbye making others happy before I make myself happy.
  • Goodbye friends who don't appreciate me for who I am.
  • Goodbye anxiety
  • Goodbye Tivas, sorry I ruined your soles by wearing you so much!
  • Goodbye invisible walls I've built to protect myself.
  • therefore, Goodbye security.
  • Goodbye having my cell phone attached to my hand at all times.
  • Goodbye holding back because I'm scared to fail.
  • Goodbye to all of my belongings that I don't want to hang on to, but feel the need to because the material things make me feel closer to the people I love who are not physically close to me.


Emmers said...

sometimes i wish there was just a like button ;) can i make a request that you do the "make a cover of my love opened the door" soon :) cause thats gonna be awesome!!

Anonymous said...

"Goodbye making others happy before I make myself happy."


Lara said...

this is a good list of goodbyes :)