Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whatever a sun will always sing is you

Today I'm flying back home for my cousin Meghan's wedding this weekend. I am so, so, SOO excited for this! I had to get my dress altered, and I picked it up this morning and tried it on - it looks great. Kim lent me a dress for the rehearsal/dinner and shoes...she's awesome. I'm reading a poem during the ceremony - it's a poem that I loooove by e.e. cummings.

I can't believe Meghan is actually getting married... it's something we've talked about for so many years - our weddings - and I just can't believe hers is actually happening. I am so, so happy for her and her fiance, Ray. They're going to have an amazing life together.

Okay, I have homework in all 4 of my classes that I have to do before I leave, plus I need to finish packing. I need to finish this all so I have some time to chill out before I drive to the airport because I get so anxious to fly, especially when I'm flying home for something exciting :)

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Daisy said...

I hope the wedding went well!