Wednesday, January 13, 2010


By now, we have all heard and read about the devastation that is currently taking place in Haiti due to a 7.0 earthquake that hit around 5pm yesterday. I've been keeping up with the news feeds, and the death toll is expected to reach anywhere from 100,000-500,000.

If you can afford to donate anything, here is the International Response Fund that was set up by The Red Cross. This is a safe way to donate any amount, and know that all of it is going straight toward the relief fund.

I know of a girl in Greensboro who's family is hosting a huge Haiti-Relief Yard Sale this weekend, where all of the proceeds will go toward a relief fund. What a smart idea! I hope everyone continues to be this innovative and creative in their ideas to help.

Sending many prayers tonight to a country that is already underdeveloped and now full of chaos and despair.

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Rachel Dolgin said...

Here's another link to a list of organizations accepting donations: