Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Photos from today

Today Matt, me and another kid who we graduated with - Mo, went to the old Wanamaker's department store in the city of Wilmington to shoot together. The store is abandoned, it shut down probably a decade ago (I have slight memories of when it was open... whenever we rode by it with my grandparents, on our way to a restaurant in the city, I remember my grandmother telling me she bought her coats there...) I got some great shots, but it was FREEZING out! We kept having to take breaks and hop back in the car for a little to warm up our hands enough so that we could press buttons and control our cameras. I don't think I've been that cold in a long, long time! We brought along Matt's sister's dog... who was posing for me perfectly. She has the best ears ever. It was a great day - cold, but really fun and I learned more about my camera from Matt and Mo.


lindsey said...

the sky was amazing today! my favorite is the one of the crack, i love textures like that.
can you email me a big version of the last one so i can use it as wallpaper? thank you :)

Dan said...

go girl! those are amazing pics! we will need to go out sometime before you go back to school@

Emmers said...

Kristen those are BEAUTIFUL! :D

Olivia said...

These photos are so, so, so amazing! I am in awe. I hope it's ok if I steal a few and use them as my desktop background. Looking at them makes me so happy. I love the sky.


PS- Wilmington always makes me think of OTH which, I know is completely dorky.

Olivia said...

I love all of your sky pics! They are amazing. Would you mind sending me the one of the blue sky with white clouds?



gillian said...

Mo was in my photo class in high school! haha

gillian said...

Mo was in my photo class in high school! haha