Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Resilience Day!

A PostSecret, November '05

December 20th, 2006. Happy THIRD Resilience Day!! For those of you who didn’t read my livejournal, Resilience Day is just a day to celebrate… to celebrate LIFE and LOVE and how easy (and hard) it can be for us to bounce back after things happen in life. Things we can control and things we can’t. Either way, it’s a day to celebrate whatever you need to celebrate. And I have A TON to celebrate about at this point in my life!!

Things get easier everyday. Sometimes I still sting. Not when I have bad dreams, that’s different. But everyday, during the ins and outs of my life…for the most part, I am very healed. But sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ll ever fully heal.

There is a fundraiser that I’ve been checking out for about a year or so. It’s called Operation Freefall – check it out at There’s a drop zone in North Carolina (coincidentally, it’s closest to Wilmington, on the coast…)

So, today…spend the day celebrating whatever you WANT. I’ll be celebrating about the fact that I have enough money to buy all of the people I love presents, the fact that Sydney is SO CUTE when she chases around Simba the cat, and I’ll DEFINITELY be celebrating the fact that I am alive, healthy, and healing.

Love everywhere,

hip hip HOORAY

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