Sunday, December 10, 2006

We were striking matches just to watch 'em burn..

:) I like this bumper sticker A LOT.

September 19, 2006- Turner's birthday as well as the day that Christi Thomas earned her angel wings. ( I'd check out that site, it's sooo worth it. The Thomas Team (a sort of famous family in the NB world) met the Kanes at the NB conference in Chicago in 2004, and Liam is a member of Christi's Clubhouse (the section on her website where other NB kids are linked.) Christi was friends with and went through treatment with Alex Scott who is the founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand. Now, Liam, Alex, and Christi are all together playing :)

The two pictures above the one of Em and I are ones that I took in Burlington, Vermont when I visited Rachel and Meag last spring break. The graffiti on the walls brought tears to my eyes!! I have so many more pictures, I'll post them sometime. The top picture is my favorite one, it's so was the background of my computer for a long time. I love trees...and trees that transform into things.

Em and I tied a red bow on Sydney and she looks like a Christmas puppy. I wish I could find my camera to take a picture!! We're leaving in a few minutes to drive home, I just wanted to get one more post in before I got home... I know it's been a few days since I had a good post, but I had all of my finals on Thursday and Friday, Christmas parties on Thursday and Saturday night, and I babysat all afternoon on Saturday! So it's been a busy few days.

And now we're off to Delaware for a few days, then New Jersey for a few days, and then VERMONT for a few days at Kim's cabin in the woods haha. And then back to DE for a quiet Christmas with my beautiful mother. She's actually working on Christmas day, so we're celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve - and then Christmas day we're spending with my dad and his family.

Note to self: make your next post about the present Suzi and Elliott gave you.

Love everywhere,

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