Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"I'm a big girl now...remember?"

Yesterday Kels and I woke up and drove home from Maryland, where we spent Christmas with my dad's family. As we were driving, Mrs. Kane called and wanted us to go see a movie with their whole family (all of the grandparents included!) So, we drove straight over to Granite Run mall, where we saw The Nativity was interesting, actually. It was excellently made. After the movie, Kels had to go somewhere but I said I'd babysit, so we all went back to the Kanes and they got ready to go out. And then the fun began...

I'll be able to post more pictures soon... Alli and I had A LOT of fun that night haha. My computer power cord / AC adapter broke the other night, so I can't charge my laptop until the new one comes in... and the other pictures are on that computer. Some quotes from the night include, "I have a very cute heiny, did you know that??" and when I tucked Alli in and gave her a kiss, she said, "I love you to the sky, to the moon, to Liam, and back." ...

My Christmas was great... lots of food, family, etc. Nothing too exciting, except for what happened on Christmas day. I really just didn't plan on my dad finding out like that... whoops. I saw Matt Layman last night too, it was good to see him. It's so weird that I've only seen him twice in the past year...but it was good to see him.

Tonight Laura and I are driving up to Chatham, to Em's house, and in the morning, Meredith, Mariah, Elise, and Colleen are riding up to meet us, and then we're all going into the should be fun :D

Time to take the Syd out. Peace all around-
Love everywhere,

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Anonymous said...

she's so big, and looks so grown up.